Alt. life: Eventually!

Oh dear! I’m not very good at sticking to my plans. A couple of years ago I said the fatal words to myself, ‘I really must do better’, and in this case, it was in relation my Alt. life: page on this very blog, where I offload my slightly more off-the-wall and non-SL related writing onto you, the unsuspecting reader.

The point was, I’d not been particularly good at regularly posting to that page, and it was high time I got my act together and kept to a better schedule.

Well, that lasted all of about 3 months! It was a bit of shock to realise recently that the last story I posted there was over a year ago! I really must do better!

It’s not that I haven’t been writing – I have – most of it just hasn’t found its way here. So, I think it’s about time to do just that, and I bring you ‘Death Comes Knocking’.

If you’ve a spare day or so to kill, you can catch up with my previous offerings on the Archives page, and maybe I’ll finally get my act together and do what I intended.

No promises though!

s. x

Forget the hearse
’cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat’s eyes
Abusin’ every one of them and running wild
AC/DC – Back In Black

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Christmas is coming

And suddenly, it’s December? And, as usual, with no more paydays before the big day, and absolutely nothing prepared, I’m completely disorganised – an omnishambles of festive failure! It’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure. It usually does!

I tend not to get to grips with Christmas preparation until a few days before anyway, and it’s usually a pretty quiet, stay-at-home affair, with few – or no – visitors, so it’s not that big a deal if I leave the Christmas shopping until Boxing Day… I’ll be the only one who knows! (Er… That was until I told you lot! You can keep a secret though, can’t you?)

It’s not all disorganisation and chaos though, because this year, from an SL point of view, it’s been partly organised for me, and for the first time ever, my little store is both participating in and sponsoring a Christmas hunt! Woohooo!

It starts today, and runs throughout December, and any money raised is going to Latch – The Welsh Children’s Cancer Society. Since I’m Welsh myself, it’s great to be doing something in SL that will benefit my local community.

You can check out all the stores, gifts and clues at the Joyeux Noel 3 Gridwide Hunt, and I’d love to see you at the store sometime! (Whilst you’re at it, why not check out the rest of the Region too, and my friend Moon’s stores – Moon Bunny Inc, Lunar Gardens, and Brite Rentals!)

s. x

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Just hanging around?

Not all of my time spent inworld is consumed with exploring, building, shopping and dancing, in fact, that probably only accounts for around 70% of what I get up to. The remaining time, you might well assume that I’m rather inactive, since I can often be found apparently just sitting, or standing, around with very little evidence that anything is going on.

If you were to find me apparently busy doing nothing, there’s a very good chance that your initial impression is incorrect, in fact, those occasions when I’m alone and immobile are frequently those when I’m more focussed on SL than usual. There’s a very good chance, for example, that I’m engaged in a tussle with a recalcitrant script, trying everything I can think of to persuade it to do what I want. At other times, I’ll be fully absorbed in one of those two most horrendous and soul-destroying of inworld tasks: sorting out my inventory, or uploading products to Marketplace, both necessary evils that tend to take up inordinate amounts of time, and are frustratingly awkward to do.

It’s to engage in these activities, that I’ll often retire to a quiet corner, away from prying eyes, and just get on with the job. Frequently, this will see me stood alone on my build platform, or tucked away in a private space on the sofa; to all outward appearances, doing nothing much at all, but in reality totally absorbed with the task at hand.

Now, if you were to ask my opinion, I would say that where you choose to lounge, or stand around aimlessly in SL, is a fairly good indicator of whether or not you are amenable to company. If, for example you’re hanging around on a street corner, in a ‘public’ area, either alone or in the company of others, I think it’s fair to assume that a friendly ‘hello’ or acknowlegement in local chat is completely in order, and it could even be considered rude not too. Certainly, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive a friendly greeting in return, but most people inworld are friendly enough and will be more than happy to share a little of their time with you.

On the other hand, if you happen to spot somebody secreted away 5000 metres up in the sky on a build platform, or hidden away behind closed doors in what is clearly a home, I’m pretty certain that if you were to suddenly turn up next to them, unannounced and unexpected, you’re pretty likely to receive a frosty reception. If that seems odd to you, then just imagine sitting at home in RL, binge-watching TV in your dressing-gown and fluffy bunny slippers, when a complete stranger barges in, makes themselves at home, and wants to talk to you about some random topic; or, equally unexpectedly, somebody off the street barges into your place of work, whilst you’re in the middle of an important meeting, and demands your attention. It’s exactly the same principle.

However, some people just don’t get it.

Generally, I’m happy enough to stop and talk to anyone when I’m not busy and out in public, and indeed, recently a visitor to the sim turned up and did just that, when myself and few friends were gathered for an evening at our local club. He seemed to like our music, and was happy to chat and be friendly. In fact, he turned up again in our midst the next night. All perfectly OK.

A couple of days later, I’m all alone on my build platform, updating some items on Marketplace, when suddenly my new ‘friend’ appeared at my shoulder, as if this was a perfectly natural thing to do, and then proceeded to try and have a chat with me. It was intrusive, annoying and unwanted attention that I could have done without, and even though my answers to his questions were somewhat terse, and I made it crystal clear that I was busy, he didn’t seem to get the hint. Eventually, I just stopped responding, and after a few minutes of radio silence, he left as suddenly as he’d arrived.

You may think I was being unfriendly, but to be surprised like that by someone I barely knew, in a space that I consider to be private, and is intentionally well off the beaten track, was actually somewhat uncomfortable and extremely intrusive.

I suppose I could have just ignored him, but I was busy working, and his mere presence was a distraction that I really could have done without. I could have simply told him to clear off, even booted him off the parcel, but that would have been heavy-handed and rude, and I honestly thought that telling him I was busy would have achieved the same objective. I was clearly wrong!

There are, of course options we can use if we really don’t want to be disturbed: Like the ‘unavailable’ or ‘away’ tags, but they have their pitfalls… You can easily miss messages that you want to receive, or end up annoying friends whom you really don’t mind hearing from, no matter how busy, and anyway, if someone wants to hang around and be distracting, wearing an ‘away’ tag isn’t always going to work. You can protect your personal spaces with ban lines, but they’re ugly, useless at anything over 50 metres and, as is the case with my home sim, may not be allowed anyway. As for security orbs, well they are just plain overkill, and in my opinion, totally unnecessary.

So, really, it all comes down to plain good manners. It’s not hard to figure out that a lone avatar, in what is clearly a private space, or who has taken themselves far from passing traffic, is not seeking company, and they certainly don’t want univited visitors to suddenly appear right next to them… So don’t!

However, if you’re exploring the streets and bump into someone passing-by, or perhaps hanging about on a street corner with nothing better to do, or maybe looking lonely and lost, sat on a park bench somewhere, by all means, say ‘hello!’ – after all, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet!

s. x

Down the court road early
With the Hustlers big and burly
There’s a million of ’em selling
And the buyers can be found
They’re just hanging around
The Stranglers – Hanging Around

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There’s no place like home

In the real world, I’ve moved house 13 times, that works out about once every 4-5 years, and – I have to say that I’ve always found the process of moving horribly stressful and messy. Given the choice, I’d much rather stay put, and I certainly have no plans to move again if I can help it. In contrast, I’ve only had 2 homes in SL in over 12 years, but – as with RL – I really wouldn’t want to be put in a position where I’d have to relocate.

Right from my early days inworld, securing a place to call home was a priority, and my first real virtual home was a shared rental property with a partner. That didn’t really work out, and eventually I struck out on my own and found myself renting a tiny motel room, with a 25 prim allowance, on the Penny Lane sim. Some 11 years later, I still live on the same sim, although the motel room has now expanded to a parcel of over 13000m2 – although, even that’s still not enough, and I’d happily expand my holdings if only land availability and my bank balance would allow!

To some, that may seem entirely reasonable, whilst others may find it incomprehensible. Why, they would argue, do you need all that land? After all, a virtual home is simply a convenient place to log into SL – somewhere to grab a bit of privacy, unpack shopping and try on outfits, perhaps have a couple of friends around for some quality time, or a secluded place to get up to a spot of naughtiness with a partner or hook-up. Land, they might argue, is for business-people… for stores and clubs, events and get-togethers, not for individuals to settle down and make their own.

Which camp you happen to fall into will colour your perception of land and property ownership in SL, and that seems – based on what I’ve observed over the years – to fall into two simple groups. There are those for whom an inworld home is simply a utility, even to the point of just being an unfurnished box in the sky – for this group of people, decorating and adding personal touches are not a priority, and may even seem to be an inconvenience. The second group is somewhat different: These are the people who take delight in designing and building a home location that reflects their tastes and personality; they want to invest time and effort into personalising their inworld space and take pride in using every means at their disposal to build a unique and personal space.

Coincidentally, I’d also suggest that those who view an SL home as a mere convenience are also less likely to be inclined to explore and investigate the Grid: For them, the virtual world is just a collection of landmarks, enabling them to flit between stores and entertainment venues, without the inconvenience of sight-seeing. Many may even be unaware of what lies immediately beyond the four walls of their skybox. On the other hand, those for whom an SL home is a personal extension of their own persona are also, I’d venture to suggest, more likely to be explorers, curious to see and experience every nook and cranny of the Grid.

There are other differences too – people who treat their virtual home as a simple crash pad, and nothing more, often strike me as extroverts: The life and soul of the party, always out clubbing with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. To these, the SL community revolves around ‘families’, cliques and group activities. Conversely, those who cherish their home space and use it to ground themselves within the virtual world, tend towards the more introvert – although they’re happy to share their space with others, they are equally content to spend time on their own, pursuing solo activities and exploring the creative spaces made by like-minded avatars. Those, of course, are sweeping generalisations, but in my experience, they are often correct.

So, what is home to you? Is it a place of stability and security, somewhere to set down roots and establish your own unique inworld space? Or, is it simply a convenience; location and community largely irrelevant, and somewhere you’d have little problem with swapping for an alternative, should the need arise? Either approach is fine, but for someone like myself, for whom my inworld home is far more than just a point on a map, it’s difficult to appreciate the minimalist lifestyle, with just enough prims spare to rez a couple of boxes and a sofa… And that’s just the way I am. Each to their own, though!

So, now we come to a shameless plug!

In all the years I’ve lived at Penny Lane, the sim has been managed and nurtured by the capable hands of my great friend (and landlady) Moon, who has just started up a new rental venture, perfectly suited to those whose needs are simple. She has a range of furnished room rentals, tastefully designed, in different styles, and all at extremely competitive rates, including a small prim allowance, with options to upgrade.

If you’re looking for a place to set up home, I’d recommend checking out her Brite Rentals site, before they’re all snapped up!

And, even if you are the type for whom exploring is anathema, you really should check out the sim too – there’s a huge amount to see and do there, and what’s more… I’d be your neighbour!

Don’t let that put you off though!

s. x

Ill be surely comin home
And im comin home in the mornin
Oh baby
Im coming home in the morning
Right on right on
Ill be right there baby
Lou Pride – I’m Com’un Home In The Mornin’

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New! From Haven Heavy Industries

Who says I don’t have my digital finger on the throbbing pulse of current affairs? And, if anyone dares suggest otherwise, then trust me, I’ll be sending the boys round with loaded firearms and a selection of biblical quotes to put you firmly in your place!

Ever seen those profiles where people desperately try to convince you that they really are who they say? You know the ones, ‘Voice, age and picture verified’, ‘No, I really am a hot, nubile beach babe, and not a fat, middle-aged balding bloke – ask my mum, if you don’t believe me!’ – and you just know it’s all a load of porky-pies!

Well, worry no more! For just 8, crisp, folding, linden bucks, you can own an official HHI ‘Verified Genuine’ checkmark floating above your head. What are you waiting for? Go grab one, before somebody else does, and pretends to be you!

**Disclaimer** Wearing the HHI ‘Verified Genuine’ checkmark does not guarantee the identity of the person wearing it, the only definite fact you can ascertain from it, is that the wearer is L$8 poorer. No resemblance to any person, alive, dead or indifferent should be inferred, neither should any connection, association or resemblance to any entity, commercial or otherwise, be assumed, other than as parodied subject matter. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up payments on a mortgage or loan secured on it. You have the right to remain silent, however anything you say will be taken down and may be used in evidence. No animals were harmed in the making of this item. Product may appear smaller when viewed from a distance. Do not eat. Keep away from babies and small children. May, or may not contain nuts.

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New! From Haven Heavy Industries

As promised, I’m continuing to add new items to the HHI Tokyo Collection – a host of Japanese-themed creations to enhance your Second Life!

Roadworks, construction sites and health & safety aren’t exactly the first things that spring to mind under the headings ‘cute’ or ‘kawaii’, but the Japanese have a knack for re-imagining their approach to those things that, elsewhere, would be seen in a completely different light. This is reflected in my new range of kawaii construction barriers, based on real life designs that can be routinely seen around many construction sites in Japan.

Yes – believe it or not – cute, kawaii safety barriers really do exist, and you can now have your very own in SL too!

With 6 different designs to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. Each copiable set is supplied ready made-up, but also with individual scaffold poles and kawaii supports so that you can configure them in any way you wish. Each element is only 0.5LI – meaning (when linked) a complete set of 2 poles and 2 supports is only 2LI. Choose from: Worker, Monkey, Ducky, Froggy, Dolphin and Panda.

Perfect for Japanese, city, and everyday urban settings, building sites, roadworks, industrial complexes, chemical factories, or anywhere else you’d like to spread a little kawaii cuteness!

s. x

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I probably shouldn’t have said that!

Ever said something, perhaps as a joke, or without thinking, when almost immediately, the realisation dawns that it was perhaps not the smartest thing to trip off your tongue? There was, for example, my faux pas at the chemist a couple of weeks ago, where – for about the fifth week in a row they were completely out of stock of a specific type of aspirin that I’d been trying to get hold of. Frustrated, I called the pharmacist over, and asked them when they might have stock in, which they were unable to tell me. It was at this point that I heard myself say “I can get hold of crack cocaine more easily than aspirin lately!”

Probably a mistake, right? If the look on the pharmacist’s face was anything to go by, almost certainly!

I should make it clear, at this point, for any law-enforcement types who might be reading this that I’ve only ever partaken of narcotics under medical supervision! You can’t be too careful on the internet these days, right?

Actually, you can’t be too careful sometimes in SL too. For all its bells and whistles, SL is still at its heart a glorified chat room when it comes to conversing with others, and it’s not immune from from all the drawbacks that text chat has always suffered. The lack of body language is distinctly unhelpful, when a conservative estimate is that around 55% of communication is non-verbal; even worse, in SL, our bodies can easily be doing something entirely at odds with what we are typing, giving a completely incorrect, subliminal subtext to our message. Try having a serious conversation about somebody’s poor health or news of a death, whilst your AO seems determined to have you twirling around like a model on a catwalk, and you’re sending decidedly mixed messages!

Then we have all the other nuances – or lack of nuances – that conspire to catch us out when communicating via the medium of text. No tone of voice, unexpected silences while you desperately attempt to re-type that word you’ve misspelled for the fifth time, chat lag, ttypos that completely detract from the point being made, and those horrifically inappropriate gestures that suddenly erupt when you inadvertently type a forgotten trigger. It’s remarkable that we’re able to communicate at all without coming to blows over even the most innocent of conversations.

SL is also blessed with a chat engine that’s apparently held together with sticky tape, spit and hairy string – a system so prone to breakdowns and failure that many residents have given up on it almost completely, in favour of platforms such as Discord. Personally, I think that just makes things worse… Not only is attention diverted away from SL – in fact, one might argue that logging-in to SL is unnecessary if all you want to do is chat with your SL friends – but it further complicates conversation, as those around you may not even be paying attention to what is being said inworld, plus it excludes those who don’t wish to partake in any platform other than SL.

There is, of course, always voice chat, which you could argue avoids many of the pitfalls of simple text, and you’re probably right, but it’s not a workable solution for many. There are those who, for many reasons – both good, and not so good – for whom voice chat is not an option; for example, I’ve met both deaf and speech-impaired people in SL, who simply cannot use voice. Then there are many, like myself, who may have little problem with day-to-day, face-to-face conversation, but stick me behind a microphone without a prepared script and ask me to chat away, and I clam up, stutter, eventually resort to silence, and generally have a miserable time – possibly because I rely hugely on those visual clues and body language I mentioned earlier; I’m useless on the phone too, and just can’t do casual conversation, so voice – for me – is not an option I’d readily choose.

There are other drawbacks to voice chat too. To begin with, it’s incredibly intrusive: If I’ve gone to a club, it’s to listen to, and enjoy the music, not struggle to hear it over a morass of jarring voices and the babble of the crowd. Also, in text chat, no-one can hear you scream! A more subtle disadvantage of voice chat is that it creates divisions… In text there are no accents, no inflection, and everyone is on an equal footing – however, when you’re struggling to decipher heavily-accented, broken English (other languages are available), or even if it’s just a case of becoming aware that your accent doesn’t fit in with everyone else in the room, you can feel isolated and out-of-place. In these situations, I’d rather have the lack of subtleties and nuance in text, rather than the lack of subtlety that voice can bring into sharp focus. Again, there’s also the danger of excluding those who have voice turned off – like myself – who may be totally unaware of the conversation taking place around them, and may even be perceived as rude or ignorant for not contributing to the conversation.

On the subject of lack of subtlety, and bringing me back to my initial point, chat windows can be a potential minefield. We’ve all seen horrendous ‘wrong window’ faux pas, when someone has blurted out something in local chat that was meant to be part of a private, (sometimes, very private), conversation! Similarly, there are few things more cringeworthy than accidentally typing that rude comment about someone to the very person concerned, rather than the friend you were sneakily chatting to behind the other’s back! Cue some nifty back-pedalling, or hasty explanations about how you weren’t really calling them a bitch, rather it was a humorous comment about somebody else entirely.

I think we have to accept that communication inworld is never going to be perfect, but then again it certainly isn’t that great in the real world either, so really, we should probably be used to it when it comes to the virtual world.

Or maybe we should just add one of those disclaimers you see in books and movies before we even start to chat: ‘This conversation is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents referenced are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living, dead or virtual, or actual events is purely coincidental.

s. x

He said shut up – he said shut up
Oh God can’t you keep it down
Voices carry
Hush hush, voices carry
‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry

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New! From Neon Dreamz

A little while back, I mentioned my new-found interest in breedables, specifically, PlantPets – for which much of the attraction is that it’s not necessary to part with cash to keep them alive and healthy, and you can sell their progeny, sometimes for quite a lot!

They can be quite addictive, and I’ve found myself spending an inordinate amount of time, trawling the many stores inworld that sell off their surplus seeds. And, that gave me an idea!

It’s the Neon Dreamz PlantPets Commercial Collection: A range of signage designed specifically for PlantPet store owners. Each sign is resizeable and almost all are 1LI. The full set of 7 is available on MarketPlace for just L$500.

s. x

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Fur enough?

I’ve always subscribed to the principal that those who own land, businesses and entertainment venues have the right to decide who is permitted access to their property, for whatever reason they choose. However, whether it’s entirely reasonable in every circumstance is another matter. What if, for example, a land owner chooses to ban avatars with blonde hair, simply because they don’t want blondes around? Many would equate that to discrimination – it’s rife within SL, despite which, I think it would be a tough (and expensive) argument to pursue in a court of law. Yes, you might have some success if you could prove discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity or sexuality, but it becomes a lot more complex when we’re considering spaces that are ‘privately owned’, and involving entities that are entirely virtual.

Let’s imagine, for example, that I’m a caucasian woman whose SL avatar is a male. I’m complaining that I’ve been excluded from an inworld female-only club. My motives are without malice: I prefer the company of women and find mixed clubs threatening, I prefer to use a male avatar because it protects me from being constantly hit upon by men, who seem unable to see a woman without being suggestive, I’m happy to chat in voice, and it’s obvious that my RL sex is female; yet the club owner has banned me, simply because my pixels don’t fit.

Now, there’s lots to unpick here, and I’m not saying any one conclusion is the correct one to draw. You can, for example, say that rules are rules – if you’re not going to stick to them, you pay the consequences. However, just because I don’t fit a stereotypical picture of what a female avatar should look like, despite clear evidence that I am, indeed, female, should I be excluded? Isn’t that a form of discrimination in itself? To add to the confusion, we’re talking about virtual representations of people in a virtual setting, where – at it’s most fundamental – absolutely nothing is real anyway.

Yes, of course that’s a fairly contrived situation – I merely use it to illustrate the point – but it’s not entirely unlikely. And we know, well enough, that a decent proportion of those females in that club are going to be male in RL anyway… They’re just not letting on! So what’s really been achieved?

However, this being SL, that’s not the whole story. Today’s post has arisen out of a thread I came across discussing the practice of banning furries and non-human avatars from clubs. You could question whether that could be considered discriminatory or not – it does, after all, fit into the rationale of ‘you’re not allowed in because I don’t like the way you look’ – but, since we’re talking about an avatar here, you could also argue that it’s something that we choose to put on or wear, and therefore falls into the same category of ‘no jeans, no trainers’. Then again, you could counter that by saying that your avatar is not clothing, it’s an identity, and if you happen to identify as a rabbit or a robot – which you obviously may struggle to recognise in RL – then, when we get to the virtual world, we’re back to the the discrimination debate!

If I’m honest, I don’t entirely understand the logic of banning non-human avatars from any location, apart from some very limited scenarios, such as historical sims where the ambiance and authenticity of the environment would be compromised by any anachronism. I suppose it could also be difficult if you happen to operate a venue with a dress code, how would you enforce a formal dress code when there’s not exactly any frame of reference for formal dress for a dragon or guinea pig… Indeed, you could argue that formal dress in those circumstances could be a good grooming, or a polish of the scales! So, yes, there may be limited situations where I can see non-human avatars could be problematic, but these aside, what’s wrong with having your club open to humans, furries, tinies and hyper-intelligent shades of blue? Nothing, at all, as far as I’m concerned.

You however may feel otherwise and subscribe to the opinion that clubs and other such venues should be segregated – clubs for furries, clubs for other non-humans, clubs for people, and so on. Well, you want venues for avatars who look like people then, do you? If that’s the case, then I’m here to challenge what exactly you mean by that!

If, by human/people, you mean avatars that closely resemble the average person in RL, and which fit into the usual biological and physiological constraints that humanity conforms to, then you’re going to struggle to admit a good half of the humanoid avatars that populate SL. Nine feet tall is not normal, neither are men with tiny heads and mammoth shoulders; or women with figures that, if real, would result in complex, severe, and probably life-threatening medical conditions… Many of the ‘human’ avatars I regularly see in SL are as far removed from normality as any furry.

Whilst many of the – frankly hideous – representations of the human form that are now common in SL don’t float my boat at all, I have no problem with people who wish to adopt them. That surely is the whole point of SL? Be who you want to be, dress as you want to dress, explore your dreams and explore your imagination, and even if it doesn’t fit in with somebody else’s perceptions of beauty or normality, so what? I’m all for letting everyone be themselves, however they may wish to interpret what that may look like. And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s great.

But a reason to exclude them? Hell no!

s. x

And I don’t want to ball about like everybody else
And I don’t want to live my life like everybody else
And I won’t say that I feel fine like everybody else’
Cause I’m not like everybody else
Jimmy & The Boys – I’m Not Like Everybody Else

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New! From Haven Heavy Industries

Just in the nick of time for Halloween and the season of colds, flu and other gruesome malaises, Haven Heavy Industries is proud to introduce – after months of extensive testing and consumer consultation – the ultimate in wearable enhancements… Snot! An indispensable luxury accessory for the fashion-conscious.

Have you just spend thousands on a new mesh head, but there’s ‘something’ missing? Then you need HHI Snot! Only L$80 – practically nothing in comparison to what you’ve just shelled out for that new face!

Lovingly crafted in sensuous mesh, this will set you apart from the crowd and make you the envy of your friends. Why not get up close and personal to marvel at the subtle animated oozing effect?

A wonderful, must-have addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and a perfect gift for that special person in your life. Also a handy, accessible and 100% natural protein snack for when you have those sudden attacks of the munchies.

Disclaimer: Due to the wide-ranging styles and designs of SL heads, you’ll probably need to tweak HHI Snot to achieve perfect positioning. The use of protective gloves and hand sanitiser is recommended for this procedure.

s. x

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