Out with the old…

So, as we go hurtling towards the big stop sign at the end of the road that was 2010, perhaps it would do no harm to apply the brakes for just a moment and take stock. There again, some of us might be more than happy to go tearing into next year without a further thought about the one that’s just passed!

i’ve mentioned before that i’m no fan of the ritual humiliation and misery that usually accompanies the transition from one year to the next but i see no harm jumping on the end of year bandwagon and adding my own Linden’s worth to the millions of words that will be written on the subject.

Just minutes old!

The past…
i first dipped a tentative pixellated toe into the unexplored waters of sl on 21st February 2010, which means i’m 313 days old today, for those of you interested in the significance of numbers, 313 is also the licence plate on Donald Duck’s car; i share my birthday with Robert Mugabe and Charlotte Church (says it all really!). On a more auspicious note, 21st February is also the birthday of Chuck Palahniuk and James Dean Bradfield – that makes me a lot happier!

At the time i had no idea what i was letting myself in for and an awful lot of unexpected and ‘interesting’ things have happened since. Here’s just a flavour for you…

Most surreal moment: getting stuck sideways in a wall at AAI, whilst turning slow cartwheels for no apparent reason;
Most surprising outcome from sl: starting to write and enjoying it;
Most unexpected remark: being told by a friend that my writing had inspired them to have their own work published;
Best moment: one particular evening in my room, spent getting to know a quite remarkable person;
Worst moment: the night i almost left sl;
Best purchase: my Sinistyle Death Dealer coat.
Worst purchase: a skin that made me look like a reject from Cradle of Filth;

Pretty... awful!

The future…

Who knows what the future will bring? Here are my sl predictions for 2011:

Linden Labs will have yet another CEO by the end of next year;
Music venues will have to become licensed and pay for the privilege;
Viewer 3 will be launched, to a storm of criticism;
Linden Labs will announce that 3D sl is still some years away;
Experimental direct neural inputs will be designed for a ‘total immersive sl experience’;

And my wish list for 2011:

A ‘nudge’ button – allowing me to shuffle closer to someone when ‘sit’ puts me half a sim away from the person i’m sat next to;
A ‘freeze’ button – allowing me to take the perfect picture in my own time, without my head bobbing round like one of those nodding dogs, and without having to mess around without all those tiresome debugging functions;
A ‘panic’ button – a simple one-click solution to the particle cloud/Ruth nonsense, that doesn’t require the manual activation of a test avatar, removal of hair and getting dressed from scratch all over again;
A personal ‘rez zone’ – a small area that travels around with you, allowing the temporary rezzing of pose balls for personal use even if the land permissions disallow building.

The past year has, overall, been pretty damn good from an sl perspective and i have made some very special friends, without whom i probably wouldn’t still be pixellating today. i won’t embarrass you with a roll of honour here – you know who you are and there’ll be a notecard winging its way to you shortly. To you and to my wider circle of sl friends, without whom the past year would have been very dull, difficult and disappointing, may i wish you the very best in 2011 – Happy New Year to you all.

S. x

The past is so beautiful
The future like a corpse in snow
Manic Street Preachers – Condemned to Rock and Roll

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