Who’s in charge here?

It seems that new LL CEO Rod Humble, otherwise known as Rodvik linden, has been learning the ropes of sl by getting his hands dirty and, to use his own words, immersing himself in the product. i’ve heard sl called many things but this is the first time i think i’ve ever heard it referred to as ‘the product’ – it all sounds a little bit too commercial to me.

That aside, good on you Rod for spending the last couple of weeks getting stuck in, planting trees and building yourself a hut on your own personal island, (now that’s the sort of job i wouldn’t mind having!). When you get around to it, you might want to do a spot of exploring and meet a few of the resident’s who’ve made sl the success it is?

Now, i know very little about running a multi-national corporation, so i’m not best placed to advise Rodvik on the niceties of how to conduct his business but if i might, i’d like to impart just a couple of words of advice to the great man that may well save him some embarrassment…

First: Lose the toga! Whilst the Roman emperor/senator look may be appealingly minimalist, it does smack a little of totalitarian dictator. i can’t help but get the feeling that the future of sl lies in the simple device of an upraised or downturned thumb. If you must look the part, might i suggest a smart business suit?

Second: And this is something i do know a little about, having been blogging for a fair while now – for goodness sake, make sure you check your posts carefully before you publish them. Otherwise you’ll get people like me taking an impish delight in picking up all your unintentional slips and joyously broadcasting them to all and sundry.

Terribly interesting.

Third: Sort out that profile! Considering you’re the most powerful person in sl, there must be something you could put in there, surely? And how about a picture? i’m sure you don’t want people to think you’re dull and boring, do you? Sort it out mate!

Actually, Mr Linden, since your blog appears to be marginally more interesting than you do, i’ll do you a huge favour and tell everyone about the couple of bloopers in your first ever post, which i did find rather amusing. i’m not even going to ask for payment for this much needed exercise in public relations – i consider it my duty as a resident!

Quite apart from planting copious quantities of trees and shrubs, it seems our erstwhile CEO has been indulging in some of the rather less salubrious pleasures available in sl…

“…more recently, I have been playing around with vehicles and animals.”

Of course, Rodvik, what you get up to in your own time is your business but is it really wise to admit to ‘playing around with animals’ in a public forum? i know you want to get a feel for the product… but isn’t this just a little extreme?

Moving along – having mastered the necessary skills for creating a log cabin, our intrepid builder then turned his attention to the sea…

“Finally, I like the water so I built myself a simple raft to cruise around in. (OK, it’s very simple. But it works!). Getting immersed in Second Life is the fun part of the job.”

Erm, just a small point, Rodders – the primary difference between a boat and a raft is that you cruise around on a raft, as opposed to in one! i can only assume that if you really are in your raft, then you need to adjust your z co-ordinates – you’ll find it in your preferences… i’ll show you, if you want. i’d also be just a little bit wary of talking about ‘getting immersed’ whilst sat on a raft – famous last words.

Despite all my ribbing, welcome aboard, Mr Humble (sorry, bad pun). i’m looking forward to seeing just how well the ‘product’ flourishes under your leadership.

S. x

There’s a man going around taking names
And he decides who to free and who to blame
Everybody won’t be treated all the same
There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down
When the Man comes around
Johnny Cash – When the Man Comes Around

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