Back in the day…

i’m fascinated by the past – not so much history per se, but i love to see how things have changed over time to become what they are now. If i had a time machine, i’d want to make short hops back in time, say 50-100 years, in familiar places just to see how they used to be. In some ways, i’d like to go back to a simpler, less crowded, slower pace of life: the good old days, although i wonder just how much i’d miss the conveniences i take for granted in modern life. For example, i remember as a child tapping away on an old typewriter belonging to my parents – the keys used to stick, the characters rarely came out in a straight line and you daren’t make a mistake because you just couldn’t hide them – it was hard work too… you had to give the keys a good old thump to get a decent impression. i can’t imagine i’d be blogging quite so prolifically, (if at all), if i still had to go about things the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

i’ve never lived in a world where compact discs didn’t exist and yet, i love music that had it’s heyday when vinyl ruled supreme and CDs were the stuff of science fiction. My mum had an old Bush record player and we used to have a great time playing the old ’45s’ and LPs – particularly great fun when played at the wrong speed! One of my biggest childhood traumas was the day my treasured single of the Black Beauty Theme was left out in the full glare of the summer sun – rendered completely unplayable, it later became a fruit bowl!

How times have changed and how sl has changed from what was originally planned…

In 1999, Philip Rosedale (known as Philip Linden inworld) formed Linden Lab, developing computer hardware allowing people to immerse in a virtual world. In its earliest form, the company struggled to produce a commercial version of the hardware, known as “The Rig”, which was realized in prototype form as a clunky steel contraption with computer monitors worn on shoulders. That vision changed into the software application Linden World, in which people participated in task-based games and socializing in a three-dimensional online environment. That effort would eventually transform into the better known, user-centered Second Life. (Wikipedia)

i love the thought of us clumping around with computer monitors strapped to our shoulders! i’m also intrigued by the idea of participating in ‘task-based games’ and I’m pretty sure that if Linden World had followed that route, i wouldn’t have ever created an account. In fact i managed to uncover a little gem of a video clip from our old friend Torley Linden which gives a fascinating insight into the virtual world that once was and paints an interesting picture of what form sl might have taken, had the decision been made to follow a gaming format. (Incidentally, the theme for our next Moonletters’ Discussion Group will be considering the thorny subject of how we define sl – should be interesting!). At this point, i’ll apologise that i can only supply links to videos in this blog… i’m just too poor/tight to pay to embed them!

So, this is what Linden World looked like.

Interesting huh? What really intrigues me though is how many things haven’t really changed that much – is this because they work well enough, just as they are, or has virtual evolution passed them by? The good old plywood prims for one thing and the other little things that seem to never change (it still rains indoors!). There is one thing i’m somewhat disappointed never made it into sl – those terribly cute birds!

All this reminiscing spawned a daft idea in my mind and, since i’m not one to pass up any idea that has promise, daft or otherwise, may i transport you, gentle reader, through the medium of videographic cinematographical ingenuity, back in time to a Second Life where the Flapper reined supreme and the Charleston was the dance of the moment…

Ladies and gentlemen, i give you ‘The Good Old Days’

S. x

As good today as it’s always been
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