Update: 14th June

With just a week to go until the longest day, i managed to tie myself up in a bit of a knot wondering how on earth there could still be 200 days left to go this year, if we’re technically almost half way through it. Suddenly the light dawned and i realised just how daft i was being!

Under the circumstances it’s nice to know that i’m not the only daft person in sl or rl, as evidenced by this double-whammy of daftisms. For the sake of consistency, i’ll show you the sl one here, and send you over to the rl page for the other one, (now if that isn’t daft, what is?).

i haven’t done much shopping or exploring recently in sl, so i thought it was high time i checked a few new places out. Just as well i was travelling incognito, since one place i ended up was particularly choosy about their clientele… Now, i can understand not wishing to sell to those spaced out trance music junkies, but lumping mods in with that crowd is just plain wrong and is bound to end up in a fight, (or am i missing something important here?).

There is an upside to 14th June, though – Happy Birthday, Rod Argent!

S. x

It’s the Time Of the Season.
When love runs high.
The Zombies – Time of the Season

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