In a rut?

i realise i left you all hanging there for a couple of days… So, i’ll put you out of your misery – Yes, everything has been fine and, no, i haven’t since been arrested for being naked in a public place; so it’s all good!

Here’s an interesting factoid from Linden Lab – the people that brought you lag. New registrations were up nearly 30% in the last quarter. What they aren’t crowing quite so much about and tend to gloss over a little, (principally by changing the metrics by which they measure, for the last quarter – a bit like ‘creatively’ calculating NHS waiting times);  is that over the past year sl has gone into a measurable and steady decline: Two and half thousand less monthly logins; 13 million less hours, and; 32000 less people contributing to the economy since the beginning of 2010 – wouldn’t you consider that a little bit worrying, despite all those fresh noobs, (or perhaps, just alts using up all possible variations of existing names), coming on board?

Also mildly concerning is the way the virtual world is shrinking – 200 square kilometres smaller than at the beginning of 2010, in fact. Just this week i’ve visited a couple of landmarks, only to find them to be ‘abandoned land’, and we all know of places that have either closed down, or are under threat. So, more people + less land = more lag? Wonderful!

With that in mind, let’s look on the bright side! With a smaller sl, that’s less to explore, giving us more time to spend in the places that we’re more familiar with! Unless you’re like me, for whom that makes no difference at all, since for quite some time now i’ve hung up my pith helmet, compass and machete and done little in the way of exploration and conquering the dark interior of sl, preferring to stick with the places and people that i’m already very familiar with.

It was only at the end of last week, when i persuaded myself to do a bit of late night shopping after the clubs were shut, that i realised just how little i’ve been getting about recently – i was surprised to find that one of my favourite shops had massively expanded and changed beyond all recognition, since i was last there. It was at that point i realised that, of late, i’ve become extremely predictable – if you were to strip out all of the landmarks that i haven’t visited in the last couple of months, i’d probably be left with about ten, at most.

What’s happened? Have i become infinitely boring and predictable, alternatively, has sl itself become boring and predictable, to the point where i no longer wish to find out what it has to offer? The answer is quite definitely the former – i seem to have got myself stuck in a rut and become a creature of habit and routine. i’d make a rubbish spy or international criminal… pretty much anybody can tell you where you’ll find me on any day of the week!

It does seem a little crazy that, considering the real world forces us into ruts and routines, whether we like it or not, making us get out of bed, to be somewhere for our allotted time, so that we can come back home and go through our everyday, post-work routine, (or our own personal variant of that scenario) – why on earth would anyone want to fall into a routine in sl? Yet many of us seem to do just that – there are a good many people for whom i could hazard a pretty good guess as to their whereabouts a fair portion of the time. So i’m by no means alone. i guess we’re all creatures of habit to a greater or lesser degree.

Familiar sights

The fact is, i worried a little about this – i even found myself feeling a little guilty at my lack of interest in the virtual world around me… shouldn’t i really be making more of this? Then it struck that it didn’t really matter at all. If i’m enjoying myself doing the same things in the same places at the same times, then what’s the problem with that? It only becomes a problem if i’m not enjoying it or it becomes a drag and bores me – the whole point of my ‘routine’ is that it means i get to do the things i enjoy with the people i enjoy being with: Certainly, there are plenty of other places to hang out in sl and plenty of other activities but, y’know what? They’ll keep.

Just because there’s still a good 2070 square kilometres still out there to explore in sl doesn’t mean i have to try and see it all and, even if i should really get out into the virtual world and see what’s out there, what’s the rush?

So, for the time being, until i fancy a change, i’ll stick to my routine. See you inworld – you know where to find me!

S. x

Think I’ll go and have some fun,
‘Cos it’s all for free.
I’m not searching for a reason to enjoy myself,
Seems it’s better done,
Than argued with somebody else.
Over Under Sideways Down – The Yardbirds

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2 Responses to In a rut?

  1. Shauna says:

    Bet you know where I am about 9pm every evening! 🙂

  2. Well, it’ll either be the ‘Moon’ or your secret underground lair from which you intend to take over sl! (Oops… should i have mentioned that?). 🙂

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