Apocalypse //#: Day 496 #//

It seemed to me that i might end my days here. The town may be desolate and empty but it has always been my home. In the good times, when it was full of life and friends and laughter, this was the place you could invariably find me – enjoying a companionable drink or discussion with friends, passing the time in idle pursuits…

Of late, it has once again become my home – i have worked tirelessly to clear the old motel and to repair the broken shells that were once people’s homes and businesses. The town is still empty and a sad shadow of its former glory but, for me, it is a sign of defiance against impossible odds. And now, it is time for me to leave.

i had thought myself to be entirely alone – or as good as – but now the new notecard i have received has kindled fresh hope, but with it, sadness too. How pitiful is our resistance against the evil we fight; how poor our resources? How weary am i with this fight? Yet, fight we must if we are ever to overcome the power of the Elite. It is clear now that i cannot in all conscience remain here whilst there is still work to be done. Strong though the temptation to stay is – oh, how i wish to be done with this struggle and settle down to live out the rest of my life in comparative peace – i cannot… i have friends who await me and the fight must continue, if needs be, until every last one of us is de-rezzed.

Today, i make my peace with the ghosts of the town – i will say my goodbyes and, in the morrow, i leave for the unknown.

i know my destination – i will not say the place – it is a memory from the past before the Event, when times were good and the Elite had not made their mark… the place where monkeys dance: It brings a wry smile to my lips – lips that have not smiled for a long while – maybe there will be more occasion to smile when i am re-united with those friends of mine who have survived this horror? It is with that thought in mind that i make my plans.

Serenity’s warning to avoid teleporting is one i shall take to heart. It will make the journey more difficult but not impossible – it is clear from my world map that my destination is achievable by other means. Care will be needed across the land but much of the journey takes me over the ocean, where flight will be my only option. It is a risk but one that i must take.

Night is falling. i check my inventory – the photographs and the notes i have made – before copying all i have: If i do not return, you will find it, rezzed in a box, beneath the harbour.

A final walk through the deserted streets and it is time to rest… the morning comes.

/#: Day 497 #//

The day dawned pale and misty, to find me perched atop one of the old shops, once full of life, now quiet and still. i gazed out over the town, the brooding mountains behind me, like sentinels, guarding the route i must follow. Above them, forbidding storm clouds warned of the difficulties that lay ahead.

Perhaps i shall never pass this way again – maybe this is how it ends – the temptation to stay is strong, however i have not come this far to simply quit, and there is no guarantee that i will survive the coming trial, of which Serenity spoke, at the hands of the Elite, no matter how secure my stronghold here may be.

No: It is time to move on and face my destiny – i have not faltered yet, and i do not intend to do so whilst i still have life in these pixels and carry the hope of all those individuals whose images lie in my inv. i still carry hope in my heart.

As i take to the air, my thoughts turn to the immediate future – i have no idea how dangerous my journey may be: Much has changed and, during my long sojourn alone, i have received no news of the wider Grid, neither have i any idea of what has been taking place outside my immediate surroundings. One thing is clear, however, sl has changed beyond recognition. There is little in the way of hope that the landscape i pass over offers… only ruin, loss and desolation.

Vast areas have been laid waste; once prosperous sims lie in ruins and the air is fetid and rank. As the miles pass, i become aware of signs of life – although, none of hope – outposts of the Elite have sprung up, seemingly at random… vast sprawling complexes of unknown purpose. As night falls, and exhaustion overtakes me, i have no choice but to seek refuge in enemy territory.

Slowly, i descend to earth and enter a dark bastion of the enemy.

S. x

“Only one candle left to burn, before the darkness comes”
Vincent Price (Last Man on Earth)

//#: Day 496 #//

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