You have the right to remain silent…

… Failing which, you will be quoted!

Quote of the week which, to spare the guilty, shall remain anonymous, is perhaps one of the greatest compliments a blogger can receive…

[14:15] i wake in the morning scratch arse and fart switch computer on drink tea and read serens blog

What more can one possibly add to that?

If there’s one thing that’s become abundantly clear to me over the years, it’s that we can’t afford to waste one minute of the time that we’re given on this earth – something that’s been forcibly driven home to me this week: On Tuesday, i received the news that a work colleague had died from cancer – he was only 42. Then, yesterday morning i walked out of my place of work, to be faced with the aftermath of of road traffic accident – the unfortunate victim had been hit by a van and was lying in the road, being attended by paramedics. i was later told she had died from her injuries.

None of us knows how long we have and, in the main, none of us has any control over when, and how, we finally shuffle off our mortal coil. All we can do is make the most of every moment we still have the luxury of living – one of my pet horrors is the thought that i might cark it whilst there’s still a whole lifetime of experience to be lived. i’ve always been moved by that scene in ‘The Dead Poet’s Society’, when Robin Williams gathers the boys around the trophy cabinet, full of pictures of long-dead schoolboys, and exhorts them to ‘seize the day’ – i think that’s probably some of the most profound advice we can ever take on board.

The news this week has been full of stories related to the passing of Steve Jobs: Many of those who have paid tribute to him – from his co-workers to the man in the street – have alluded to how his words inspired them. The quotation that caught my eye, however, was one uttered by his biographer, Leander Kahney –

“Everyone who buys a Mac says, ‘I’m going to write my novel, I’m going to edit my movie, I’m going to cut that single. It speaks to that creative streak. In reality all they do is sit around and watch Netflix on it.”

There, summed up in a few simple words is the overwhelming futility of being… we all want to be different and unique; we all want to succeed and unleash our creativity but the terrible mundanity of the world, our apathy and our prodigious capacity for procrastination defeats us and, in the end we fail – victims of our own inability to seize the opportunities that are right in front of us.

i refuse to do that.

The reason i make myself write – pretty much every day – is the same reason i explore my abilities to create things in sl; it’s the same reason i observe the world around me with a keenness that some people might think borders on the obsessive; it’s the same reason i record and photograph and write about what i see, and feel and experience… life is simply too short to simply let it pass me by and go unnoticed and unappreciated. The chances are that i will never produce anything extraordinary or amazing, but while there’s breath in me, i’m damn well going to try!

It would, of course, be so much easier not to spend quite so much time thinking and just relax and take things easy, to allow my brain to turn to mush and accept the fact that i, along with the majority of the other six billion people on the planet will never amount to much at all, but somehow, that seems like a waste of a life to me – so i’m not going to be taking the easy option any time soon.

That, of necessity, means change and challenge: Today heralds a new exhibition at my Gallery inworld. Entitled ‘Ancient to Modern’, it tries to capture the essence of that struggle to make something of ourselves, whilst acknowledging that all too often, the world successfully holds us back and, equally frequently, we allow ourselves to stop striving – effectively taking things easy, whilst time and change passes us by.

i found this a difficult and challenging task – i’m not even sure that i’ve succeeded, or that the images i’ve chosen are for that matter particularly good – we shall see. I’ve also forced myself out of my comfort zone and incorporated sculpture into this new exhibition – why? Well, simply because it’s not something i’ve ever tried before, and if i don’t then i may die not knowing whether i could. Seize the day, or regret it, i say!

S. x

These are the chronicles of life and death
And everything between
These are the stories of our lives as fictional as they may seem
Good Charlotte – The Chronicles Of Life And Death

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One Response to You have the right to remain silent…

  1. Lacewing says:

    LOVE the quote!!! It put me in mind of
    Whilst I read new posts, I can’t claim that ANYTHING rivals the 1st cup of tea of the morning for my absolute attention.

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