The pursuit of happiness

That’s what it’s all about, if you ask me! Apart from the obvious need to feed and clothe ourselves and keep a roof over our heads, why do we do all the things we do – especially some of the less than desirable chores that occupy so much of our time? Why, for instance, do we work to make money; spend so much of our time looking forward to getting away from work, and then spend what free time we have engaged in all manner of activities… be it music, sports, singing, dancing, reading, surfing the .net, spending time in sl… the list is pretty much endless! i’d say there’s a simple reason – it’s to capture as much of that elusive happiness as we possibly can, as often as we can.

Like so many things that are worthwhile in life, all too often, happiness tends to come at a high cost. Most of us do have to work, day in and day out, simply to earn enough to make the possibility of occasionally lifting ourselves above the humdrum and routine a reality. An awful lot of those things that we seek to make us happy require some sort of investment on our part, whether it’s time, effort, cash, dedication… or whatever else we’re required to sacrifice in order to achieve our goal – and sometimes, that happiness is hard won. (Ever seen ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘ or, for that matter, struggled against the odds to achieve your own happiness in life? If so, you’ll know what i’m talking about).

It’s not all hard work, though – we can find happiness in the simplest things: A walk on a windy day; a special piece of music; spending time in the company of family or friends… all things that needn’t cost anything at all. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that we enjoy spending time in sl too – it simply makes us happy!

Friday evening was one of those happy times – It was a celebration of Slate McCleod’s 5th rez day and a belated rl birthday party – hosted at Slate’s usual Friday haunt, Dugi’s Soul Mods.

Many of you will know Slate – if you don’t, you really should make the effort to look him up, (after all, he’s a pensioner in both lives now, practically, and he may not be around for much longer! 😉  ). Dodgy scooter salesman, genius content creator, DJ extraordinaire and all round madman; it was brilliant to see so many turn up to celebrate his big day. Now, i don’t know much about Slate’s rl – and i’ve no real inclination to find out – but i do know that when he’s in sl, playing Northern Soul and his own uniquely funny links, a pretty girl on his arm and a beer in his hand, laughing and joking with his friends – you’d be hard-pressed to find a happier guy! i suspect there’s quite a few of us, just like that. Good old sl!

It seems to me that sl has enormous potential, when it comes to opportunities to generate happiness: For a start, it’s a fun place to be, where we can indulge in so many of our own personal pleasures – whether that means chilling to our favourite music in a country garden or jet-skiing through shark-infested waters, whilst dressed as a giant gorilla and juggling electrified fruitbats! On a more mundane level, there are a huge amount of things for which sl can provide a substitute for rl, allowing us to vicariously life the life that we might well be denied in the real world – a life where we can do all of those things that would bring us happiness… drive a Ferrari, build our dream home, see the world or be a rock star. Perhaps our pail of happiness doesn’t take a lot of filling: Maybe, in rl we’re half way there, it’s just that lack of finances, opportunity or the pressure of competition that’s topping us achieving the one thing that will cause to overflow with happiness? i’m not saying that sl should take the place of rl in this case – but it can certainly allow us to gain a little pleasure whilst we wait for rl to catch up! At least, that way, if the world denies you the opportunity to become that top fashion designer you always dreamed of being; or you never manage to break into the music business bigtime, or own your own club, shop or city… you can still do it in sl – and why not? Be happy – it’s not a crime!

So, you might well ask, what i’m doing to find my own little bit of happiness in sl? Well, that’s a work in progress, but something that’s made me pretty happy just recently is the completion of my latest project. It’s the first build that i can honestly say i’m thoroughly pleased with, but it’s more than that too: How many people in rl can realistically house their own collection in their own gallery, built to their own specification and design? It’s somewhere where i really feel i can establish my own place in sl… somewhere that will change, develop and grow to reflect my own development and it will house my permanent, yet changing, collection. You’re more than welcome to come along and take a look – you’ll find it tucked away in Nowhere Land – and if it brings a little happiness to you too, then that will make my day! It’s the next step on a journey that is leading me to places i’ve yet to discover, and it’s quite a departure from my very first gallery – housed in my cellar room at Moonletters’ HQ, which eventually moved to Lancaster Road – just a stone’s throw from Nowhere Land; and i won’t be forgetting my roots either – for as long as i’m allowed, i intend to keep a small gallery in Penny Lane and – by way of thanks to the Penny Lane community – that’s where all my new exhibitions will still be launched… and that gives me a particularly happy feeling!

i’ll finish by leaving you with a song that i’m completely addicted to right now and a wish that all of you, if nowhere else, will find a whole load of happiness in sl!

S. x

I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know,
Everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold
I’ll be fine, once I get it, I’ll be good.
Lissie – Pursuit of Happiness

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