Sort it out!

What on earth is going on? Ever since this blooming upgrade, sl has been complete pants! If it was a car, it would be one of those clown cars that falls apart the minute you sit in it… and you’d have to sit in it for half an hour before it would move, and even then, bits of it would mysteriously go missing.

Frankly, i have versions of Tetris on my ‘phone that work better that sl does at the moment. If i wanted to sit for longer than it takes for the paint on the Forth Bridge to dry, whilst waiting for textures to load and sculpties to resolve into anything vaguely resembling what they are supposed to, whilst remaining a cloud of vapour, only to find that the entire world is populated by completely grey people, who never, ever properly rezz…

Sorry, went off on one for a bit there, but c’mon Linden buddies, what the heck are you playing at, seriously?

How can this possibly be even considered acceptable?

Now, i consider myself a fairly reasonable person – i very rarely shoot people for annoying me and i only kick walking sticks away from old ladies if they walk too slowly in front of me. i’m not one to make ridiculous demands or want the impossible, in fact there’s lots of things i’d be perfectly happy without – if only i could have an sl where things rezzed quickly, i didn’t get ruthed half the time i log in and where my friends actually looked like people, rather than shop dummies – is that really too much to ask?

So you can take your mesh, your ‘articificial people’ and your funky new system avatars – i’m not interested in free furniture, private sandboxes and all the other ‘highly desirable’ features that keep getting shovelled my way, in a hopelessly flawed attempt to secure my loyalty – you have it already – all i want is an sl that works at least as well as every other thing on my computer does, and please, please, please, stop doing upgrades and stuff that breaks it even more than it’s already broken – hardly an unreasonable request, i would have thought?

By way of protest – until this whole sorry state of affairs is sorted out – i intend to pitch a tent outside Linden Lab headquarters and every time an employee walks past, i’m going to spray them with grey paint… just to see how they like it! You’re all very welcome to join me, (bring your own tent and paint).

Anyway, i apologise effusively for sounding off at such length – i just happen to like things that do what they’re supposed to and – every now and again – when i find myself palmed off with second-rate tat, whilst those responsible prattle on about how wonderful all their new innovations are, i simply have to ‘say it like it is’.

Of course, it had occurred to me that it might only be me having these sort of problems, but extensive research – (all right, i asked a few friends) – confirms that many, many people are experiencing the same thing. Hardly inspiring, is it?

S. x

When I’m drivin’ in my car
and a man comes on the radio
he’s tellin’ me more and more
about some useless information
supposed to fire my imagination.
The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

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