Update: 21st October

It’s been a funny sort of week – i’ve not done much in the way of writing. No real reason for it, possibly a combination of things… i’ve been a little tired, a little busy and a little uninspired. i’ve also been a little bit ‘under the weather’ – nothing particularly definable, just not a hundred percent. You may have noticed, i’ve not been as attentive to the blog this week as usual… but everyone gets weeks like that.

However, today i did a bit of writing. People sometimes ask me how i go about the process and, i have to say that most of the time, i just write stuff. i’ve been called ‘prolific’, which makes me sound like one of those weeds that takes over your garden when your back is turned – i guess that’s as good a metaphor as any! You see, when it comes to inspiration, i take it as i find it – like a fast-spreading weed, i grab hold of any opportunity and make it my own, then use it to further spread my evil grasp!

This particular piece was inspired by something said in sl…

[15:41] Shauna Vella: it’s getting dark in here, and I can see the merry-go-round clearly through window

I was instantly struck by the poetic melancholia of the phrasing – (whaddya mean, you don’t see it?) – and it practically begged me on its knees to be made the opening line for a short story. It’s the sort of thing Vincent Price might have said, in that chilling, distracted, matter-of-fact manner; his silhouetted form, framed by a high gothic window, as the camera slowly moves in from behind…

Hmmm, getting carried away there! Here then, is Sober, with thanks to Shauna for the opening line.

S. x

It sure been a cold, cold winter 
My feet been draggin’ ‘cross the ground 
And the fields has all been brown and fallow 
And the springtime take a long way around 
The Rolling Stones – Winter

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