Seren Scissorhands

Absolutely brilliant! That’s my appraisal of last night’s Hallowe’en bash at Soul Mods – what a great night!

Under normal circumstances you’d be hard pressed to get me within a mile of a fancy dress party, and as for dressing up myself… you’re talking a frosty day in hell before that’s likely to happen. However, this is sl and, in that peculiar way that sl manages to wheedle out aspects of our character that we didn’t even know existed, not only (as reported in my last entry) did i make a quite heroic effort to look the part, i actually thoroughly enjoyed myself!

i had to shelve my original ‘Seren Scissorhands’ plan, mainly because i’m a friendly soul and i had visions of me putting half the partygoers in hospital with multiple lacerations – perhaps not the best way to make friends and influence people! So, i’m afraid the scissors just had to go, although i might pop them on now and again, just to frighten the odd noob who happens to stumble across my path on a bad day.

The club was looking suitably ghoulish, festooned with spiders’ webs, a good helping of eerie mist and fluttering bats – quite a departure from its normal look. Batman, (with a bit of help from Slate McLeod), was providing an awesome musical accompaniment to the festivities, (that Caped Crusader sure has cracking taste!) and, credit where it’s due, everybody, without exception had made a fantastic effort – if there had been a prize for the best outfit, then everybody would have had to share it!

The company was witty, full of fun and out to have a great time, and that’s exactly what we did… including those of us for whom the thought of fancy dress, and for that matter Hallowe’en, normally leaves us cold.

That’s all i’m going to say about it, but i did take a few pictures, so i’ll let them do the talking. i’ve been experimenting with superwide-angle panoramic shots just lately and this was an ideal opportunity to play around – unfortunately, they’re rather wide to fully appreciate here, (unless you happen to have a 3584 x 1042 pixel screen!), but if you’d particularly like a copy of any of them, just give me a shout and i’ll happily send one on to you. 🙂

Jazmine, Trunkie, Gemma, ıƃnp, Shauna, Slate, Aston, jellie, Seren, Raven

Aston, Raven, Freaky-eyed Dugi

DJungle, Stickman, Janis

Ghostly couple, Dugi, Raven, The Serenjellie, Erin, Slate

Erin, Slate, DJungle, Janis

More than 6! Please make up your own caption!

Did i say i wasn’t a fan of Hallowe’en? Well, maybe in sl it’s different, so watch this space over the next couple of days and you might just find me indulging a little bit more in the festivities 😉

Trick or treat?

S. x

The zombies were having fun, 
The party had just begun
The guests included Wolf Man
Dracula and his little son
Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett And the Crypt-Kickers – The Monster Mash

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One Response to Seren Scissorhands

  1. Really sorry I missed that party! What a great group.

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