Out of context

Yesterday in sl, i was accused of quoting somebody out of context, purely for humorous effect. Surely not? Little me… quote someone out of context just for a cheap laugh?… the very thought!

Hmm, i can feel the massed forces of raised eyebrows twanging the threads of the interweb as i write! OK, i admit it – i may, very occasionally, slip a non-contextual quotation into the conversation just for a bit of levity – but it’s hardly a crime is it? In fact, when you consider out of context quotes in the context of sl itself, it’s all very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black – if ever there was something completely out of context, sl has to be way up there near the top of the leader board.

i know people who can be dancing in a club, bonking behind a sand dune or zapping zombies with lazer beams in sl, whilst at the self-same moment they’re cooking dinner for the family, ironing in the nude or ‘writing a business report’ (honestly!), for their boss in rl – things don’t get much more out of context than that. People who in rl may be staid pillars of the community can just as easily be scantily-clad pole dancers in sl and the discrepancies just go on and on. Just imagine casually dropping some of the things you’ve been up to in sl into an rl conversation with ‘normal’ people – what sort of looks would you get and what on earth would people think about you? Take sl activities of of their natural virtual context and you’ve a recipe for rl disaster.

Thinking about it, there’s a whole load of things we get up to in sl that simply wouldn’t work within the rl context. Even down to the way we chat and interact with each other – they just wouldn’t work in rl – and for me, it’s one of the reasons that sl can be so much more interesting than the real world equivalent. SL gives us a licence to go a teeny bit mad, to indulge the loopiness that lurks inside us and to poke our tongue out at conventionality and rationality and blow a great bit, wet raspberry at it – better than that, we can completely get away with it too! There’s something wonderfully liberating about that, something enabling and fun that’s able to cut us all down to size and set us all down on an equal playing field… One of my favourite sl moments ever was the occasion, when having listened to the drivelling pomposity of an idiot buttwad expounding on just how wonderful and intelligent he was for a good five minutes, i took the opportunity of slipping in a rather profound gesture that was just begging to be used… now, if ever there was a completely effective way of totally destroying anybody’s credibility in that situation, that quote did it!

here’s the thing though – it’s not at all malicious… SL has a way of helping us to see the funny side of life and even to see ourselves as others see us and, even when it’s purely the prankster in us that comes to the fore and has us repeating other people quoting horribly out of context song lyrics in a way that would be dreadfully embarrassing in rl, we all take it in our stride and appreciate it for what it is… good humoured, gentle fun.

i love it when people quote me – i love it even more when people manage to grab something i’ve said and give it a bit of a twist to produce the most absurd and cringeworthy quotes possible! Long may it continue, i say… i’m happy to be out of context, because in that way, sl fits me just perfectly!

S. x

Все вещи, которые она сказала
Запуск в моей голове
t.A.T.u. – Все что она говорила

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