Rogues Gallery

<— This, is a bit subtle today! See if you can figure it out as you read on. First, another little brainteaser for you – a ‘spot the difference’ challenge… Alright, i admit it, it’s really just an excuse to give my Berlusconi pictures another airing – but, after all, it’s not everyday that you happen to accidentally run into a world leader and take their photo, and since i’m unlikely to get another opportunity to put them to use, then i may as well get a bit more mileage from them!

So, here’s old Silvio on a good day, as taken by Yours Truly…

… And here’s a Reuter’s pic of him from yesterday, which wasn’t such a good day.

Did you spot the difference?

And here’s another of mine, which proves that even the experts at self-promotion get it wrong sometimes… did no-one ever tell him not to wave when someone’s taking his picture? (i don’t want to hear any comments about the photographer’s bad timing, thank you very much!):

Since i understand absolutely nothing at all about politics, fiscal policy or the Eurozone, (whatever that might be: Something not far removed from the Twilight Zone, from what i can make out), i probably see things a little differently to those in the know – for the record, my interpretation of the current state of the world is that we’re all broke – however, how this differs from any other period of history, i’m not altogether sure, since it seems we’ve always been completely broke for as long as anyone can remember. The only people – as always – who aren’t skint are those strange and mythical beasts known as hedge fund brokers. (Incidentally, i’m currently in the process of cultivating a small privet hedge myself – if anyone would like to invest a couple of million in a few twigs, i’d be more than happy to consider any offers).

All this financial doom and gloom can be a bit of a downer if we let it get to us, which is why i like to ignore it all completely and take a sideways look at life in general. Take Berlusconi: He had a couple of great things going for him… first, a name that wouldn’t have looked out of place splashed across the bonnet of a flashy red sports car, or for that matter, emblazoned across the back end of an ice-cream van. Then there was the persona of the guy – whatever you might have thought of his politics, you couldn’t help but like the ‘loveable rogue’ image that he naturally projected. If he’d never gone into politics, i could easily imagine him in a shiny suit, with slicked-back hair and a too-short tie, selling dodgy used Fiats down the Rome equivalent of the East End. i can see it in my mind’s eye – Berlusconi’s Bangers… Low mileage and mama’s lasagne, free with every motor!

Perhaps it’s the circles i move in, but it strikes me that sl has more than its fair share of loveable rogues too. i’m pretty sure that a few people have already popped into your mind as you’ve been reading this… you know the sort; the virtual wheeler-dealers, sl lotharios and wide-boys – always with an eye for a bargain, another eye on the women and shady deal happening on the side – every one of them a diamond geezer though, with a heart of gold. It’s not just the guys either, sl tends to bring out what i shall call the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ in both sexes. It’s a curious mix of creativity and community – even though they may well be on the lookout for opportunities to make a fast buck or enjoying that ‘little bit on the side’, you’ll also find them to be the kindest, most generous and warm-hearted people you could hope to meet.

i’ve written before about how sl has enormous appeal for the creative side of us, but i’d suggest it goes further than the more obvious manifestations that come to mind. The virtual world is very much a blank canvas, just waiting for us to splurge our ideas and aspirations, using whatever medium falls to hand, but without some of the more prescriptive limitations that rl imposes on us. The result is a veritable melting pot of ideas, schemes, scams and plans – all with a healthy dose of the usual sl craziness, showmanship and limitless enthusiasm! The best thing about it though, is that we never forget we’re a community and, unlike rl, the vast majority of rogues in sl are eminently lovable, caring and considerate. In rl – too often – those out to make a killing are more than happy to do so whilst trampling over others in the process – in sl, you’re more likely to see them offering a helping hand… guess which sort i prefer!

Once again, sl seems to bring out the best, even in the dodgiest of dealers… something that perhaps rl could learn from.

Whilst i’m on the subject of  ‘a little bit on the side’, you may – or may not – have noticed that i’ve added a couple of RSS feeds to the sidebar; hopefully ones you’ll find useful. At the moment, you’ll find feeds for the SL Grid Status and Moonletters; further down the page i’ve also added the BBC Technology feed – well, some of you might find it interesting! i may well add more feeds as time goes on – just think of the blog as your one-stop shop for all your sl needs… need you ever go anywhere else? Let me know what you think, or point me in the direction of other feeds you’d like to see on here.

Pssst… Fancy investing in some tasty hedge fund prospects? i’ll do you a good price… honest!

... And it's goodbye from him!

S. x

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I’ll buy me a football team
Pink Floyd – Money

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