Apocalypse /#: Day 500 #//

Two days have passed since leaving the city of the Elite and there has been little of note to report. The land beneath me has largely been left in disarray, although considerable areas, perhaps whole regions, appear to have been cleared and left devoid of any sign of life.

Later today, i shall reach the end of my journey – a place to which i have been summoned and where i hope to rejoin those who, like me have so far eluded the grasp of those who seek to conquer us. My feelings are difficult to express: i am both elated and terrified at the prospect of what may lie ahead, but i am used to an unknowable future – at least now it is a future in which i dare to hope.

My map tells me i am close, although the island for which i am bound is still beyond sight… i scour the western horizon until – at first almost imperceptibly – a darker spot appears, then grows steadily beneath the afternoon sun… my destination. Long moments drag past until, eventually, the endless sea beneath makes its transition to dry land – i have arrived!

Then… i’m falling, out of control – dropping from the sky like Icarus learning the folly of his flight. Not exactly how i intended to arrive – but, finally, i am here

This is not the place i remember… There were buildings here once; now only a flat expanse of sand remains. Over to one side a rocky outcrop is studded with caves – again, this is unfamiliar, yet it is a focal point in the bland terrain and it is in this direction my feet lead me. i can neither fly nor teleport, neither is my radar functioning – perhaps more disturbing is my seeming inability to remotely cam: Solid surfaces remain resolutely impenetrable. At first this caused me some panic, however – if any kind of resistance has set up its home here – it is to be expected; to broadcast one’s presence is to invite retribution. With this thought i am reassured and, as the memory of what this place once was returns to me, i am further comforted – the place i seek was below ground… beneath the ocean waves – whatever may have transpired above ground may have had little effect beneath the surface. Indeed, ‘the place where monkeys dance’ – a reference to less serious times before The Event, directly relates to a place that lies somewhere beneath my feet.

Upon reaching the rocky outcrop my efforts for the greater part of the remaining afternoon were engaged with exploring the various cave entrances; a task which brought reward after several hours of searching – a tunnel, leading to a cave, the walls of which were inscribed with intricate carvings and, at the cave’s centre a single jade ball – a teleport – which, despite my best efforts, resisted all attempts at activation. i turned my attention to the hieroglyphs upon the walls which, on closer inspection, elicited a gasp of recognition – i knew what these were!

Almost forgotten, in the good days before The Event, i had been a writer and i, along with a group of other writers had devised our own method of communication – simply for the fun of it – we would pass cryptic messages to one another; plots and storylines, ideas and plans, using our own ‘secret’ language, which we christened ‘letters of the moon’ – a romantic and wistful title that bears testimony to the type of messages we shared! Not one of us could have conceived this use to which they had now been put.

Feverishly i trawled through my inv. until i located the notecard containing the key to the symbols then, as the sun dropped ever lower in the sky, i applied myself to the task of deciphering the engraved words surrounding me.

/#: Day 501 #//

Most of the night i worked on those images, although i am barely any further forward. The majority  of the symbols were accounts from varying perspectives of The Event and its effect on those residents who survived, however i also discovered directions for operating the TP and a key – or at least, a tantalising glimpse of a key that will enable me to progress further. To operate the TP, i need only speak a particular name in open chat… the key i have found is a simple riddle – i need only solve it to discover the name i require, although i am singularly bemused by what it might be.

All morning i have pondered on the meaning of the riddle with no success – it matters little; i have nothing else with which to fill my time. So i shall continue until i have an answer, no matter how long it may take…

“A substitution of a single letter creates a happy accident that will lead you to a place of safety”

S. x

“The only safety for the conquered is to expect no safety.”

/#: Day 500 #//

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