i hate Second Life!

Not all of it, just bits of it. The bit that’s fallen foul of my particular hatred at the moment – a hatred which, i have to say, mere words struggle to express the sheer depth and profundity of – is the completely idiotic and ridiculous inability of sl to be able to maintain a backup of your inventory.

i can completely understand why the Lindens won’t let us have the facility to save a local copy of our inv. to our own machines, and i totally understand the logic that says we shouldn’t be able to maintain a local copy inv. of items for which we’re not the content creator. That’s perfectly fair and justifiable, but why – for the love of all that is holy – can’t we have the facility to keep a back-up of our inv. on LL’s servers, only accessible for the purposes of restoring a mangled inventory? A ‘system restore’ for my inv., if you like.

You’ve probably gathered from the rather irascible nature of my tone that i’ve had a slight disaster – one that having recourse to a back up of my inv. would have put right almost immediately, and you’d be absolutely correct. It’s amazing how much damage a simple oversight can cause, although i also have my suspicions that my ‘oversight’ may not necessarily be the real cause – i’m more than willing to lay blame at the feet of an sl glitch, and i wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was the case.

i know you all want to know what happened – as occasionally transpires, i thought it was high time to give my inv. a bit of a sort out. My ‘Lost & Found’ had half a sim full of things in it, the rest of my folders were in disarray with new purchases all over the place and a whole pile of builder’s rubble making the place look a complete mess. My trash can was bulging at the seams and i decided it was time for some radical pruning. Out went all those bits and pieces that we all seem to accumulate from nowhere, followed by some rigorous tidying up, organising and sorting out. Little used items were stuffed into boxes and then, with a couple of clicks, out went the rubbish and my inv. was lighter to the tune of 3000 items!

You know how it is when you’re completely caught up in something and you don’t notice what’s going on around you? i really should have paid a little more attention on this occasion, because if i’d realised something was amiss, i might have held back on the wholesale destruction. i’d been feverishly rezzing bits and pieces, completely oblivious of myself until i’d finished the task in hand… camming back i realised, with a bit of a start, that somehow i’d magically lost all my clothes and hair and every single one of my HUD attachments had disappeared! This struck me as a little bit odd – nothing i’d done during my sort out should have had that effect and – with hindsight, having looked at it from every angle, the only possible reason i can come up with is that sl had experienced some sort of glitch in the matrix… if only i’d realised sooner, before clicking ‘OK’ when asked ‘Are you sure you want to permanently delete the contents?’ – because if i’d had any inkling that sl was playing up, i’d never have clicked that button. Of course, the true proportions of my disaster weren’t immediately apparent – i replaced my (non-existent) outfit with one i keep for emergencies and everything seemed just fine… until i logged in the following day.

The first thing that alerted me to there being a problem was realising my necklace was missing – when i tried to find it, a certain folder seemed to have vanished…

‘Accessories’ – Doesn’t sound particularly important does it? Unfortunately, that innocuous sounding folder contained all the myriad bits and pieces that it’s possible to wear but don’t really fall under the headings of ‘clothes’ or ‘outfits’: So, that’ll be all my hats, gloves, scarves, glasses, fascinators, watches, belts, quirky attachments and every single piece of jewellery i owned. You know the kind of things… the cool stuff, with prim parts and adjustable settings – things that generally are quite expensive, but well-worth having… except, i haven’t got them any more.

The extent of my dismay is hard to describe – if nothing else, it’s going to cost me a small fortune and hours of scouting around to replace all those items, not that i’ll be able to for some of them… quite a few were from stores that no longer exist, others were gifts and, for a large number of them, i simply don’t remember where they came from – all i know is that i liked them very much. Many of those things were my little treasures, some had sentimental value or brought back memories but all that counts for nothing now, because they have vanished from my inv. in the same way that rainbows vanish before you manage to grab your camera.

i have no idea how it happened – my first thoughts were that i’d accidentally selected the folder when i deleted all my unwanted things and then, not realising what i’d done, i consigned the whole lot to sl nothingness, but with hindsight, i wonder. i can’t help thinking that my vanishing folder might be connected with my vanishing everything else; the peculiar manner in which my clothes, hair and HUDs all disappeared for no apparent reason – of course, i’ve no way of knowing what really happened, but with the amount of asset server work that’s been going on lately, anything is possible! Of course, in an ideal and less stressful virtual world, having momentarily panicked, i’d simply click on ‘Advanced’, then, ‘Restore back-up inventory’, wait a few minutes, clear cache, log out and back in and all would be sorted… but this is sl, whose logo i sometimes feel would more appropriately be two raised fingers, rather than three!

Feeling somewhat wiser, and not a little saddened by the whole sorry episode, i realise there’s little i can do – i did manage to recover a few paltry items but none of the things i really wanted, mainly because of the insistence of content creators in making their items ‘no copy’ – c’mon guys, why do you do that? i can understand why you’d make a house ‘no copy’: You wouldn’t want some cheapskate oik building a housing estate from their solitary purchase, but jewellery and belts? By all means, make them ‘no transfer’, but please, for pity’s sake, let me make a copy that i can put somewhere safe!

i’m about to log in to Aditi – there’s a couple of tricks i can try there that may just save the day – i’m not getting my hopes up though – however, anything is worth a try. So, if you run into me and i seem to have lost my sparkle, there’s no need to ask why – i’ve lost my sparkles, and there’s nothing much i can do about it.

S. x

I don’t know what you’re looking for
You haven’t found it baby, that’s for sure
You rip me up you spread me all around
The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

P.S. No… those tricks didn’t work 😦

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