Wow! It’s been just over a year that i’ve been doing this whole blogging thing… before that, the closest thing i’d ever come to writing was the odd shopping list. Since then, contrary to all my expectations, i’ve managed to churn out 332 posts, plus a fair number of blatherings on the other pages of this blog, which in all, works out at almost one every day – nobody is more surprised than me about that!

It’s never been about numbers – i’ve said before that if nobody at all read the blog, i’d probably still write it, nevertheless, you guys make it incredibly worthwhile and i’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, encouragement, help, advice, comments and suggestions – you’re all superstars, as far as i’m concerned!

What amazes me is that you won’t find this blog on any search engines, so every one of you has come here as a result of word of mouth, recommendation or through my profile picks. That’s rather a humbling and mind-boggling thought! To all of you, wherever in the world you are, and however you’ve come to be here, i just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ i consider every one of you to be a friend. If you’d told me when i started this that i’d have 10,000 hits in a year, i’d never have believed you… that’ll teach me!

Whaddya say about going for the million?

This is for all of you.

S. x

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3 Responses to 10K!

  1. Rachel Ellie says:

    This is the best blog around if you ask me and it’s always a joy to read whatever you write.
    I was hoping I would be the 10,000th visitor, but i’m the 9,998th! 😀
    CONGRATULATIONS on having such a successful blog, you should be so proud – I’m so proud of you!
    You keep people interested, you keep the words flowing and you don’t stick to the same subject all the time, plus you freakin’ rock! 😀

  2. Lacewing says:

    Wow!! What she said,,,,, plus in 3 hours you’ve had another 22 hits.
    I had no idea you hadn’t written before My blog started a similar time ago but I always regard yours as the work of a proper writer and an experienced blogger (did I ever say that I regard you to be my blogging Auntie? – the more experience trailblazer!)

  3. Aww – thanks guys. Knowing that you get something from this means so much.

    Lacewing… If i’m a ‘proper’ writer then i’m in good company – you’re every bit the proper writer too. i got such a thrill when i saw your first Moonletters’ piece in print! Keep up the good work, and i’ll continue to do my little bit too!

    S. x

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