Just hanging

It’s a busy old SLife… What with all the building, landscaping, shopping and exploring, then there’s all the regular gigs and activities that we feel obliged to be part of, it can sometimes feel that our virtual lives have so much packed into them that we can’t keep up!

Just as in rl, we sometimes need to chill, take a break and either do something completely different, or at times, nothing much at all. SL is, after all, a virtual world where we effectively call the shots and are in complete control of our time and our activities – it doesn’t always work out that way, of course.

Yet time spent doing nothing, or alternatively, spent in the pursuit of meaningless and whimsical frivolity – (wow! i love blogging… where else do you get to use expressions like ‘whimsical frivolity’? 🙂 ), is every bit as important as the more regulated and regimented time that we spend in organised activities, serious pursuits and ‘essential’ business. Unfortunately we’re not always that good at it: If we’ve ever been guilty of saying, ‘sl is boring’, ‘i need a break from sl’ or ‘there’s too much to do in sl’, then the chances are that we’re taking it all far too seriously and we need to become a little bit less focussed and a lot more chilled and start to relish sl being the daft and ridiculous place it really is.

Me and Oz: Hanging, in er.. mid air!

Believe me, there’s no job or activity in sl that’s so important we can’t take a break from it and just hang around doing nothing for a bit. Even our Linden lords and masters occasionally feel the need to hang (sometimes, quite literally – see pic!) and take time out from the serious business of running the world and developer-type seriousness. i reckon, if they can do it, then there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t take a leaf from their book and follow suit.

‘Ah yes’, you say. ‘but what about all those other things that i’ll miss… i’ll be letting people down and all those incredibly important things i should be getting on with will never be finished…’ Cobblers! The world isn’t going to end because you happen to fall a couple of hours behind on your latest project to re-create the Sydney Opera House in prim form, neither are all your friends going to disown you simply because you spurned their company and missed a whole session at your favourite club, after a previously unbroken 300 nights in a row attendance record! In fact, why not invite your friends along too… there’s nothing better than just wasting time and having a bit of nonsense fun if you’ve got great company to share it with – the more, the merrier, i say.

Chilling for dummies (No, not four dummies chilling! - Count them.)

Don’t plan it, just let it happen and follow your feelings – if you don’t feel like ‘going out’, then why should you? Go shopping instead or simply slob out at your favourite sim, slip on a pair of pyjamas and giant furry slippers and just relax.

Certainly, i regularly have a great time at organised events and i enjoy getting down to some serious ‘work’ in sl too – however, i’ve also had some real nuggets of awesomeness, (Yay! Blogging rocks!), when i’ve just kicked back and taken things easy, been joined by a few friends and whiled away the minutes just chatting and enjoying not doing anything much at all.

On the other hand… sometimes you just feel the need to go bonkers!

Pogo Stickery (Plus gratuitous plug for Subculture, in the vain hope Shauna won't notice what we're doing and what goes on in the store when she's not looking! Go there... buy lots of stuff... It's fab!)

Would it surprise you to know that this is a need i feel frequently? i make no apologies; the odd bit of bonkersosity – (sorry to those of you using Google Translate!) – is good for the soul, although i have to say it can cause major traffic jams, mysterious pogo-sticky-shaped dents in bus roofs and laddered tights! Go for it – who cares who might be watching or the fact you’re going to get into trouble when the boss turns up; you’ll feel so much better for it and i guarantee that the next day – more than likely when you’re sat on a bus, or in the middle of a very serious business meeting – you’ll suddenly break into a beaming smile and start sniggering uncontrollably when a memory of what you got up to in sl last night sneaks into your consciousness.

By all means do the serious, have to be there on time or i’ll miss something important, it’s Wednesday so i’ve got to go to the Poodle and Pom Pom Club stuff… after all, we can only have so much disorder and chaos, even in our second lives, but don’t forget to occasionally ditch the clock, have a laugh and do something different – variety is, after all, the spice of SLife!

S. x

I’m always busy doing nothing
Busy, busy doing nothing
I’ll have to get back to you
I’ve got a thousand things to do
Love Is All – Busy Doing Nothing

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