Sounds like an inside job to me

Cast your minds back, my dear blogophiles to the dim and distant past of late October… when Christmas was just a twinkle in Autumn’s russet-hued eye and we were beginning our preparations for the long, dark winter nights, ensconced (now, that’s what i call a proper word!), cosily in front of our screens, until far-distant springtime’s welcoming touch aroused us from our sl-induced somnolence… Hmm, i can see you’re struggling with that – try this instead: It was about 6 weeks ago!

So, poetic licence put to one side, (actually, the licence was revoked – apparently for using ‘unreasonably poetic terms whilst describing a calendar event’), i’ll just ask you to cast your minds back 6 weeks to this particular post; specifically the bit that says…

“You’ll also remember i mentioned a few days back about the secret machinations going on at Linden Lab – they’re still keeping very quiet about what’s going on but i’ve been doing a spot of investigating, and i reckon they’re going to throw us a bit of a curve ball that we’re not expecting. i’ll even go so far as to tentatively stick my neck out and suggest it’ll be something to do with either audio or video options…”


Well, it seems that i wasn’t far off the mark – even if i wasn’t quite on it either! Yesterday, i got a tip off about a particular Jira entry that confirmed my suppositions. So, it’s nothing major – crossfading audio streams between parcels, rather having them snap on and off at boundaries – but i think it’s a rather nice enhancement. Bear in mind that i’m a bit of a pushover when it comes to aesthetically pleasing changes… one of my favourite tweaks in recent times was the introduction of a gradual change from one sun setting to another – somehow it just feels far more pleasant and natural than snapping straight to midnight from midday, i guess little things please erm, my mind! Coming to think of it, this particular Jira request is the audio equivalent of a gradual lighting fade, i suppose.

Actually, ‘proposal’ is probably not the right word, since it appears that it’s already been taken forward and, unless i’m very much mistaken, been successfully incorporated into the Official Viewer version – so, job done then… which, frankly surprises me.

Why am i surprised? Well, permit me to illustrate my point with a simple comparison:

Request #1

Origin:                     A long time ago in a galaxy far away, (well at least 8 years ago and still
Request:                 Please fix chat lag.
Priority:                  More important than your mother’s birthday!
Supporters:            Must be in the hundreds of thousands.
Implementation:   When pigs fly.
Requested by:       Pretty much everybody.
Actioned by:          ? (Quite possibly no-one… ever).

Request #2

Origin:                   10th November 2011.
Request:                Please bless my ears by crossfading audio streams.
Priority:                 Minor
Supporters:           16
Implementation:  5th December 2011.
Requested by:      Torley Linden.
Actioned by:          Oz Linden.

Does anything strike you as odd there? Thought so.

i really, really didn’t want this to be another Linden-bashing outing – but no matter how hard i try, they really do leave themselves wide open to it. (One of these days i am going to get so banned because i’ve upset one of them, i just know it – but i just can’t stay quiet when it comes to these kind of double-standards!). How come it takes less than a month to sort out one of your buddies’ minor desirables for sl, but perfectly reasonable fixes for showstoppers like stopping lag, allowing us to mould mesh clothing so that it fits and the perverse curse of attempting to cross Sim boundaries in vehicles… things that everybody wants fixed, and have been asking for since time immemorial, aren’t even on the radar? Don’t you realise what people will think?

Please don’t think i’m ungrateful for all the wonderful improvements that Linden Lab continually comes up with to make sl a better place – i’m profoundly grateful; i just wish that somebody, somewhere, in a position where they can make things happen did just that – made things happen!

In future days, when i’m able to cross a parcel boundary without my ears being assaulted by a sudden, unnecessary change of stream, i shall happily breathe a silent ‘thank you’ to Messrs Torley and Oz… unfortunately, i’m pretty certain that it will be tempered by a stream of vitriol if, at the same time, i’m still a particle cloud, surrounded by grey and half-invisible people, some of whom have been waiting half their second lives just to rez… although i’m sure they’ll get around to fixing that too, one day.

i’m sorry Linden buddies – i really want to love you and hug you and write lots of good stuff about how great you are: i honestly do – but you’re just so damn good at shooting yourselves in the foot!

(Hmm, just had an idea – if we could persuade a tame Linden to take up our cause and submit a meaningful Jira request about something we all want, as if it was their own idea, perhaps we’d see a fast turnaround on some of the real burning sl issues… anyone know how we could go about it?)

S. x

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again 

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One Response to Sounds like an inside job to me

  1. Lacewing says:

    Actually, I hope the sound fade isn’t too subtle, I hate those films where the scene changes but the soundtrack “overspills” – very often confusingly or inappropriately.

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