Let it snow

A peculiar thing happens in sl on 1st December – suddenly, with no gentle transition, it’s Christmas. Not Advent, or ‘the run up to Christmas’, but full-blown all singing, all-dancing, in your face, no escaping it… CHRISTMAS!

Much as i love Christmas, and as much as i love sl Christmas too… where everything is snowy, Dickensian and oh, so perfect, i try my hardest to resist it until i’m well into December. i’m no Scrooge, but i want to preserve some of the magic and specialness – (yes, that is a word, it just doesn’t seem that way) – of the festive season. i spotted my first rl Christmas decorations back in September and there’s one house not so far from me, that’s had those dreadful blue icicle lights out, (and blazing away), since early November – no offence to anyone who happens to own or like those particular blue monstrosities… but they’re not to my taste at all!

Add to that the force-feeding of commercial, Christmatised tat that’s sprung up everywhere and the ‘high quality’ fragrance vendors that seem to have sprouted on every street corner… “A’hm not gonna give ya just that, a’hm gonna throw in this oh der toilet, and free, nah, make it four bottles of aftashave. Fifty quid that’ll cost yer in Supadrug, but I ain’t askin fifty, not forty, not even firty quid – gimme twenny foive and ah’ll chuck a bottle of Channel 5 in yer bag an’ all, togevver wiv sum Radox shower gel…”

So, i resist it, for as long as i possibly can, before i permit myself to start thinking ‘Christmas is here’… well, i’ve not done particularly well this year i’m afraid i’ve succumbed already! i blame the snow!

One thing I find that tends to typify christmas in sl is copious helpings of snow. Whether or not a white christmas is something that ever occurs in our part of the world: In sl, all our christmasses will, invariably be pristinely white and crisp. It’s one of the things that adds to the charm, I think.

I remember last december and my first experience of sl seasonal snow, particularly the manner in which every sim seemed to become white-clad overnight, and the remarkable tenacity of sl snow, which laughs at walls and other such feeble barriers… Settling wherever takes it’s fancy, even if that happens to be inside your cosy little basement room.

To be honest, i quite enjoyed having snowflakes lazily drifting down through the ceiling and it was happy memories, like this that led to my downfall this year. You see, i really wanted snow at nowhere land, and once I had it, it proved to be near impossible to turn the darn stuff off – i was hooked!

Well, you can’t have snow without christmas trees, lights and all the other festive jollification that goes with it, and so, inevitably, nowhere land is now a winter wonderland- so bring a coat, if you come visiting !

Spookily, on the day I turned on the virtual snow, it started snowing in rl too… The weather system i bought has an option to mimic rl weather, but i think mine may be working backwards – so, to all of you stuck in snowdrifts and wondering where the heck all this snow has suddenly appeared from, i offer my hearty apologies and all i can say, is watch out when i try out the tornado option!

Having reached the conclusion that resistance is futile, i intend to fight the draw of the festive season no more and so, from now until the sad day when it’s all finally over… rl, sl and this blog shall be entering fully into the Christmas spirit! Ho, ho, ho!

To start the ball rolling, i offer you today my favourite, without exception, Christmas song of all time…

S. x

I really like Christmas
It’s sentimental, I know, but I just really like it
Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun

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