Going for the jugular

Have you noticed that you can’t go anywhere that sl is featured on the web these days without coming across vampires?

Now i know that, for some time now in rl, vampires have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in popularity… everything from Vlad the Impaler and Bram Stoker‘s original Count, through to the oh-so-predictable Twilight and True Blood nonsense, (go on, flame me – i can handle it!), it seems that the whole world has gone bloodsucking bonkers. The whole world, that is, apart from me! i grant you that when it comes to cultural classics, you’ll have to go a long way to find a movie better than The Lost Boys but, that aside, i’m not particularly partial to anything in the genre.

Which makes me very different to the Lindens; whom it seems have a longstanding affinity with the undead, which of late seems to have become almost an obsession – everything from their marketing, to the main sl login screen seems be be promoting the vampyric lifestyle and, in the best traditions of investigative journalism, i’m compelled to ask the question: ‘Why?’

It could, of course simply be that sl is mirroring popular culture – with such an interest in all things vampire in rl, is it any surprise that this should be reflected in what we see inworld? Maybe, but if that was the case, don’t you think that we’d see the same sort of cause and effect process in action with other popular and prevalent themes? What about Harry Potter, the i-phone (and Siri), even the Olympic Games… yet these barely have an impact on sl, despite their huge followings and high-profile prominence.

Maybe there’s an alternative explanation – although it’s one that we may find hard to digest (sorry, bad pun)…

Let me share a few observations that i’ve made over the course of my time in sl about those mysterious and lofty beings – the Lindens. Almost mythical in stature, they wield enormous power, yet tend to stay in the twilight; they inspire fear and trembling, curiosity and questions and, the more you try to discover their secrets, the more obscure they become. The have god-like powers, they can go places where us lesser mortals cannot and, for all we know, they move amongst us in disguise and with impunity, as we go about our everyday business.

Those who cross paths with the Lindens will tell you of their unusual behaviour and appearance – they may appear oblivious to the world around them, they seem to change their shape and species at will and, for people with such extraordinary resources at their beck and call, they often appear to be sadly lacking in the social and sartorial graces, with bland and waxen unformed appearance and skin. They are something of an enigma… and yet, we never question their motives or why they are so secretive and elusive.

Only yesterday, a stray Linden was caught at large, (in the depths of night), in the Penny Lane Sim, only to disappear the instant they were spotted – to re-appear again sometime later. As is often the case with these mysterious creatures, there was precious little to be gleaned from their profile, apart from one small snippet of information, artfully hidden away, that to me, spoke volumes…

Yes, my friends… the vampires strike again!

It strikes me that with all these urban legends we hear about multi-national corporations being run by religious sects, political concerns or even secret societies that sometimes there may just be a grain of truth to them… Could it be – improbable and crazy though it might sound – that sl is being run and perpetuated by a clan of the undead?

Before you laugh it off, just pause a moment to consider all the evidence… doesn’t seem quite so far fetched now, does it?

If you’re still not convinced, then let me leave you with just a couple of final pointers. It’s been said that there is real truth hidden in anagrams, so let me run a couple hidden truths by you, before i go… Did you know that an anagram of Linden Lab is Banned ill? Or that, put another way, Second Life comes out as Close Fiend? Or, perhaps most revealing of all, a rather disturbing corruption of Rodvik Linden gives us, Devil Drink On!

Still need convincing?

S. x

“when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”
Sherlock Holmes 

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