That’s my day in a word – if you want me to expand on it, how about ‘manic and intense’? There’s no way that the first day back at work after a Christmas break should be allowed to even be taxing, let alone manic and intense – however it seems there are no hard and fast rules in this regard and we have little choice in the matter. i suppose i should be happy that i’m gainfully employed, although again, that’s not always guaranteed in these unstable days.

Whingeing aside, i was half expecting to be writing about last night in terms of ‘manic and intense’ – however, it was more a case of ‘sedate and chilled’, (one might even hazard, ‘pedestrian’, but i fear that would be inviting retribution!) – it was, potentially an opportunity for a good old riot… however that was not to be the case.

What am i waffling on about?… Mods -v- Rockers Night at the Cavern Club – that’s what! Now, if ever there was an event where you would expect the police to be on standby and the odd prim baseball bat smuggled in down somebody’s trouser leg, it was going to be this one, and by rights there should have be a right old rumpus!

Here’s a recipe for mayhem: Take one mad rocker – DJ Graz Firecaster, and stir into the mix one soulful modette – DJ Claire Elgund; allow each to infuse their own brand of music, at high volume, into a well-mixed pot of be-quiffed rockers and parka-sporting mods. Stir thoroughly with whatever implements are at hand – preferably antagonistic gestures and slogans; stand well back… and, erm… well, what a nice, genteel and well-behaved bunch we all turned out to be!

The music was brilliant, the venue was fab, the assembled crowdage were a great bunch, but what happened to the FIGHTING? Not a fist was raised in anger, no crazy pushing people off the edge and no frenetic mob rampage through the streets. Not a bit of it; instead, everyone was well-behaved, polite(ish), charming and friendly.

Now, i’ve seen Quadrophenia, i’ve heard the stories and i know that when mods and rockers get together they don’t drink tea, talk about the weather and generally have a completely agreeable time of it! Even when Mr Firecaster dared to suggest that Paul Weller had rock ‘n’ roll roots the only retribution was a gently flung deckchair, which he then proceeded to model as if it was this year’s must-have catwalk accessory. Well, this just won’t do!

Either i’ve been completely misled all these years and been sold a great big porkie pie of a lie and mods and rockers are actually best mates, or something bizarre happens to knock all the fight out of people once they’ve donned their pixellated forms… i swear i even saw a mod complimenting one of the rockers on his motorbike! Whatever next… Mods and rockers going on outward-bound team building exercises? The mind boggles!

It could be that everyone held back all that pent up aggression until after i’d left, (perhaps afraid of me plastering their picture across this blog, under a huge ‘Wild Ones‘ banner headline?), or maybe everyone was nursing post-Christmas hangovers and just not in the mood for fighting, but i think i know why the real reason the night didn’t descend into anarchy…

It’s really quite straightforward – even though the rockers had the advantage when it came to numbers, i have a sneaking suspicion that they were dead scared of us mods; whilst we, secure in the knowledge that we had the upper hand, simply decided to play it cool and not cause any fuss. Simple, innit? And, if you wanna make something of it, then bring it on… if ya think you’re ‘ard enuf!

S. x

For the rockers:
The folks dancin’ got all shook up
And started playin’ that rock’n’roll music
Any old way you choose it
Chuck Berry – Rock ‘n’ Roll Music 

For the mods:
I’m in with the in crowd, I go where the in crowd goes
I’m in with the in crowd and I know what the in crowd knows
Dobie Gray – The In Crowd 

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2 Responses to Manic!

  1. Shauna says:

    I was hoping to see more parkas!

  2. i reckon it’s quality, not quantity that counts… and we wouldn’t want to overwhelm those rocker types, would we?

    S. x

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