Seems that i haven’t got the urge to be nostalgic completely out of my system or, more accurately: Thinking about days gone by in sl has caught my interest and left me intrigued about the dim distant past of our virtual world.

In rl, i do have a fascination with history – not so much the drab textbook style historical narrative that i was force fed at school, (something to do with turnips, Jethro Tull and spinning Jenny’s); rather, i like to explore ancient monuments and historical sites, to get a real hands-on feel for history and absorb the atmosphere of time and age that many of these places seem to possess. That’s not to say i know anything much about the subject – i wouldn’t even say i’m an enthusiastic amateur, but i do find archaeological and historical sites tend to provoke a response in me. Similarly, i have a fascination when it comes to places with which i’m familiar and how they might once have been.

It seems that this archaeological leaning can translate to sl too – the more i learn about it, the more i find myself asking questions like ‘what was sl like in the past?’, and, just as in rl, i’m not satisfied with second-hand knowledge or sterile facts: i want to see the relics of the past, talk to ‘oldbies’ about what sl used to be like and explore the remaining ‘ancient monuments’ that link today with times long gone.

In the process, i’m aggregating my own potted history of sl – something that, in itself, i find quite fascinating. It’s a history on so many different levels… a story of technology, Linden Lab, personalities and the places and people of sl over the years. Perhaps, one day, when i feel up to the task, i’ll try to organise it into some sort of coherent story… but i’ve still a long way to go just yet. Even so, what i’ve learned so far has inspired me do some exploring and has thrown up some surprises.

Unlike conventional archaeology in the real world, where you work backwards through the various layers of time to discover what has gone before, i find that the same process is a lot more convoluted in sl and that in many ways, it’s easier to go as far back as possible and work forwards from there. i’ve always thought that the beginning is a logical place to start anyway! It’s articles like this – the oldest informative piece that i’ve managed to find about the earliest days of sl – that demonstrate the incredible vision that spawned our world, with some ideas and features that have stood the test of time and endured right through to the present day. Reading something like that both inspires me and makes me wonder what proportion of current noobs have never even heard of Philip Linden, and how that will impact upon sl?

That particular article is about Linden World – somewhere i’ve touched upon in previous posts… the original Alpha Grid. At some point in the distant past, a switch was made to the Beta Grid, with the loss of almost all existing content – i say, ‘almost’ all, because there are rumours that a few original artefacts somehow survived, (although not all intact) – the sl equivalent of ancient monuments. One of these, the beanstalk at Welsh, i’ve mentioned before and visited too; quite an eerie feeling! As for the others; well, i’ve no idea whether they still exist, but if they do, i intend making it my mission to find them and do a bit of exploring of these remnants of an sl, long gone – you can be assured that i’ll be reporting back here on my progress!

i’m ridiculously excited about the possibility of checking these places out – i got quite a thrill recently, when i made my first trip to Sansara, the original sl mainland, and Heterocetera Atoll and realised that these were the earliest Sims in sl – doesn’t take a lot to get me excited! Of course, there are places from the past that i can never visit – no matter how much i’d like to – places like the old Beta Grids of Durga, Uma and Siva, but i think i’ll have my work cut out for me anyway, just exploring the significant sites of Agni – who knows what i’ll find?

To that end, i’d like to ask for your help: If you know of any historically important sites, builds or places that i really should visit in my quest to explore the history of sl, perhaps you’d be kind enough to drop me an LM or, even better, a short notecard with a brief note of why it’s an important place – don’t send me an IM if i’m offline, my messages are getting capped with increasing frequency! i promise you, i’ll check out every location sent to me and let you all know how i get on!

i have a feeling, this could take me a while!

S. x

“Blame it all on me. :)”
Philip Linden 

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