Update: 6th January 2012

Change of plan for today – the intended post is shelved, probably until next Monday or some such; it won’t be this weekend – i’m working tomorrow and have to be up at stupid-o’clock, besides which i’m just too damn tired.

Thought it was about time to stick needles in my brain again and see what oozed out and lo and behold another shelved project reared its ugly head. Spawned from a friend’s conviction that i could probably write decent ’emotional’ stuff (aka softcore porn), i thought some time ago that i might give it a go, if only to prove i couldn’t, then around 2am, this morning, i thought ‘Sod it! Why not?’

Trouble is, i got bored after the first three words and ended up giving it the Haven treatment… Sorry that’s just the way it is – i could never be a proper writer; i just can’t write to order.

The story is complete fiction – it’s not about anyone in particular, (‘cos a know a few – actually a shedload – of writers read this blog… it’s so not about any of you!), and it’s not about me… although, coming to think of it, bits of it are.

Alt. life: – Unpleasant, but necessary.

s. x

Hate me today.
Hate me tomorrow.
Blue October – Hate Me 

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