Recently i’ve been doing my bit for the environment – the sl environment; that is, i’ve been doing the right thing and making sl a better place by de-scripturalising myself… or, at least, that was the plan – unfortunately, like so many of those fuzzy-wuzzy, heartwarming, make-you-feel-good-inside sort of plans, it hasn’t quite worked out as i hoped.

Scripts are a bit of a mixed blessing – under the smiley face heading they do all sorts of smashing things: They enable you to blast noobs into the next Sim with a beam of fruity naughtiness; they allow people like me, who should never be allowed within a mile of build tools, to adjust hair, shoes and belts so that they fit perfectly, without all that messy mucking about with stretching, moving and accidentally deleting prims; they allow us to poof lavender butterflies from our ears and they provide us with all those incredibly useful gadgets that we’d give our eye-teeth to have in the real world.

Under the rather annoyed, un-smiley face heading, scripts are the evil demons of the virtual world, (well, one of the evil demons, anyway – if you don’t count, well pretty much anything you experience inworld… every little bit of it has an evil streak that is desperately trying to make sl as sluggish and uncooperative as possible).  Scripts, as everyone knows, cause lag – and if you didn’t know, you do now!

The sensible advice is to lose those scripts – advice that i’ve conveniently ignored until fairly recently it has to be said, (yes, i’m evil – so sue me!). That’s until i got a pang of conscience and become a bit of an eco-terrorist warrior. Plus, i was pretty much shamed into doing it when, on arriving at a new Sim recently, a rather public noticeboard blurted out that i was sporting 216 scripts and please could i reduce it to less that 100? i was suitably mortified. How on earth i could possibly be hiding that many scripts, it just couldn’t be true but, crunch time had arrived… they had to go!

Eco... erm, Worrier!

The plan was simple – remove all those spare AOs and HUDs cluttering up my screen, delete scripts that i didn’t need, like resizers, (obviously after making a copy of the scripted version), and scripts that i did need or were no copy could benefit from the inclusion of Silk Aeon’s eco script, allowing me to turn off scripts and back on again as and when convenient. Oh, if only SLife was that simple!

First i had to contend with objects containing scripts that weren’t copyable, or their nasty bedfellows; copy items with scripts with no delete option. Then, almost every item i tried to drop the eco script into turned out to be no-modify, and – you guessed it – with no option to delete scripts. All this leaving me with the stark choice between losing all my delicious scripted bits and bobs or being a pariah of sl society… i chose to be a pariah, (sorry!).

Somehow though, i couldn’t shake the feelings of guilt, particularly when i checked out my Avatar Rendering Cost, (you’ll find it in the ‘Advanced’ menu), and found it weighing-in at a  hefty 38000! To put that into perspective, 2000 is considered rather excessive and, in a crowded Sim, common courtesy says you should keep it down to less than 1000. Once again, vanity and the pursuit of realism are, i’m afraid, the friends of lag, however, i didn’t quite realise quite how chummy they can get!

Eco Terrorist, (Loads more fun!)

The Linden Lab Wiki has some scary statistics about rendering costs – if you really want to scare yourself, take a look here. Yep – your basic avatar, with no attachments, costs 100… add a single prim, (say a prim jeans cuff), and you’ve just gained yourself another 10 points – obviously, you’re going to want two, so double up the points. Now add some textures, perhaps one for the top of the prim, one for the underside, and one for the sides of the cuff – that’s another 15 points, times two, of course. We’ll leave the prim clothing there, for now – how about some prim hair? Will 50 prims suffice? That’ll be 500 points, plus another 10 for a couple of textures; you want nice transparency in the ends… that’s another 4 points… for each face that is – giving us another 200 points. Of course, you want flexi hair – that’s a whopping great 8 points extra for each hair prim, so 400 points, then! Total ARC, so far… 1260! And you’re not even fully dressed yet! By the time you added a few more prims, textures, transparency, flexi and invisiprims, and shiny leather shoes that talk, you’ve cranked the cost right up – as for bling: Don’t go there – at 16 points extra for every prim that poofs, you’ll be the least popular person for miles around – and that’s before you start adding your scripts!

There you have it – the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the least offensive, least costly and most environmentally-friendly way to hang around in sl is to be a naked noob.

i just despair!

s. x

No change, I can’t change, I can’t change, I can’t change,
but I’m here in my mold, I am here in my mold.
And I’m a million different people from one day to the next
I can’t change my mold, no,no,no,no,no
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony 

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