How big?

Size isn’t everything, apparently… well, it all depends what you’re looking for and, even then it’s all relative when it comes to values.

You might say to me that a diamond ring, although very small, can be worth a small fortune and is easily more valuable than a great many things of disproportionate size. Fair point, but stick a diamond the size of your fist on that same ring and, by virtue of its great size you’ve increased the value hugely. Perhaps that’s not the point and you’d argue that the true value is sentimental and that a wedding ring made from a simple piece of twisted wire or a curtain ring can be more valuable to its owner that the biggest diamond that’s ever been found – again, another good point, well made, but ask any auction house how much they can bump up the price for sentimental value and i’m sure you’d get a rather bemused look. Interestingly, that same auctioneer might be more than happy to add a couple of noughts to the price if your piece comes with a bit of age, (which brings to mind the chap in the china shop who can’t understand why the owner is so upset about the Ming vase he’s just dropped… “it’s only an old one!”, he says).

Sadly, the logic doesn’t hold fast, so don’t go dashing off to EBay to advertise that computer you’ve had knocking around the attic for years thinking that you’re going to make a killing. It may well be pretty ancient and blooming massive, but that doesn’t mean it has to be worth an absolute fortune! – You’ll find that in the harsh and unfriendly world of values clarification, (a term i heard a long time ago and has stuck in my head ever since… although this is pretty much the only time i’ve ever had a chance to use it!), it’s hard to know exactly when big is beautiful and maturity is something to be treasured.

This is something that’s been niggling me for a little while now with regard to this blog which has finally borne fruit in this post, after i happened to read the comments on a fellow blogger’s site following one of their posts that was somewhat longer than usual. Coincidentally, Shauna over on Moonletters X raised the subject with me inworld in an unrelated conversation just a day or two later… Exactly how long should a blog post be?

Blogging is not an exact science – coming to think of it, it’s not a science at all and i’m certainly no authority on the subject. When i started this blog, i didn’t even know what a blog was and, to be absolutely honest, i’m still not entirely sure what this particular blog is, or even if i’m doing it right – are there industry standards for bloggers?

The point is, i have no idea what the optimum length for a blog post is and nobody seems to be able to tell me… there are so many variables to take into account; subject, style, depth, audience, purpose, to name a few. i’ve always reasoned that if it’s too long, people will either get bored or run out of time for reading, then again, if it’s a subject they’re interested in, perhaps they want more than i’ve given. Personally, i visit a number of blogs and really short posts tend to irritate me, then again, unless positively riveting, i’ll often skim through extra long posts, but i guess it’s all down to personal preference.

When i started blogging, i really struggled to get anything like a decent wordcount; nowadays i can struggle to stay within a reasonable limit and i tend to average between 700 and 1000 words per post – perhaps a lot of that is just waffle! (i’ll never forget my chemistry teacher once telling me that the reason i’d never get a decent grade was because i didn’t waffle enough… i proved him wrong though!)

Case in point – this was supposed to be a short, sharp, to-the-point post, but it’s already just shy of 700 words… i have a lot to blame my chemistry teacher for.

Perhaps i should let you guys do more of the work for me? Why not let me know what you think by completing my little poll below – it won’t actually make a blind bit of difference to what i write, but it’ll give me some idea as to how far from the mark i am! Oh, yes – i know how much you all hate voting in these polls, (i’m anticipating, at best, three responses), so to prolong the agony there’s another poll for you straight after, all about, erm… polls!


s. x

It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few,
I’ll be writing more in a week or two.
I can make it longer if you like the style
The Beatles – Paperback Writer 

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One Response to How big?

  1. Shauna says:

    The cool thing about having your own blog is you make the rules. If you do it how you like it, chances are there will be others who agree and come specifically for you and your style. In my opinion, the way you’re doing it now works great!

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