Moving pictures

If there was an Olympic event for ‘bad timing’, i swear i’d be bringing home the gold! Once again, my conviction that planning things in sl is a bad idea and it’s a far better thing to just let things happen and go with the flow has proven to be true.

Over the past week i’ve been working on my new installation for the Penny Lane Gallery – everything was running perfectly to plan and i spent most of yesterday uploading textures, resizing prims and tweaking exhibits, ready for the big unveiling today. Everything was on time and fitting in exactly as it should.

Oops, spoke to soon… Events have overtaken me and, sadly, the Penny Lane Gallery is no more – so much for planning and preparation! 😉

So… What’s to be done, well cancelling the new exhibit wasn’t really an option i wanted to consider; i could go to another gallery, but there are few in sl that would give me the freedom i wanted or provide a cost-effective solution; so, i’ve decided that the semi-permanent exhibit at the Nowhere Land Gallery will now become rather less permanent and that, for the immediate future, it will be the only venue for showing my work.

i still plan on opening the new exhibit today, but there’ll be a fair bit of alteration to be done  with regard to the existing pieces in the Gallery, so it may take some time to get everything up and running – although i’m pretty certain i’ll be open for business by the time America has finished its breakfast! i’ll send a notecard out to group members sometime later today. Details of the new installation appear at the foot of this post.

Incidentally, i recently discovered that Jessica Lyon, driving force behind the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers is a photographer in rl. You should check out her work and, maybe if you’re local to her, put some custom her way!

i like photographers – they see the world differently to other folks – they have an eye for composition, light, shadow and depth that make the world they see a far more interesting place; even in the most mundane of settings, photographers will see details and patterns that many people would miss… i think it’s great that someone who is perceptive, focussed and attentive to details that other people wouldn’t spot is instrumental in developing something that, for many, makes sl so real. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the gumph on the new exhibit:

s. x

Are you tired of where you’ve gone?
And you think you might belong
In a moment when you step out of the rain?
And you’ve ended up in someone else’s frame?
Bishop Allen – Click, Click, Click, Click 

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2 Responses to Moving pictures

  1. Shauna says:

    You’re gallery looks wonderful, Boots! You take great photos!

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