Update – 15th February

Bit of a strange one for me, this – i thought i’d slot this in today because it came from nowhere and changed from a germ of an idea, based on a single word that just popped into my head whilst trying to get to sleep into, well some sort of finished article. Besides, isn’t that what Tuesdays are for?

What do you mean it’s not Tuesday? i’ll have you know, this is a very confusing week for me, as evidenced by a snippet of last night’s conversation…

[15:29] Serendipidy Haven: enjoying this – nice to chill on a Monday
[15:29] Slate McLeod: its Tuesday
[15:30] Serendipidy Haven: i’m on Seren mean time
[15:30] Slate McLeod: SMT eh ?
[15:31] Serendipidy Haven: yeah… wanna make something of it?
[15:31] Slate McLeod: lol lol
[15:31] barbie Bohemian: surprised slate knew it was monday..he didnt know it was the 14th lol
[15:31]  Slate McLeod: its not Monday !
[15:31]  Serendipidy Haven: /me thinks it’s going to be a long week
[15:32]  barbie Bohemian: tis for certain people lol
[15:32]  Slate McLeod: it will be if you think its Monday every day

So, there you have it- it’s Tuesday by my reckoning and that’s all there is to it.

Erm, anyway back to today’s piece, whatever day it might be for you. It all started with some advice, given to somebody else by a professional writer. It stuck in my mind and, quite unexpectedly i suddenly found myself setting myself a little personal challenge, for no apparent reason… Could i also take that advice on board and do something with it?

The result is a bit weird! It’s not a short story, or anything really along those lines. To me, it’s a bit like one of those comprehension tests they make you do as a kid, although in this case, it not the reader who’s being tested, but the writer. i’ve put it over on Alt. life: because it doesn’t really belong anywhere else… The ending is a bit rubbish – originally i was just going to cut it off in it’s prime and leave things hanging, i still think that’s what i should have done, but that’d only annoy you! So, make of it what you will, here’s Vienna.

s. x

A voice reaching out in a piercing cry,
It stays with you until
Ultravox – Vienna 

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