It’s March 13th 2012 – the day that Uranus was discovered by Herschel in 1781, spawning over 200 years of smutty schoolyard jokes; and, staying with the astronomic theme, it’s also the day that Apollo 9 returned to earth in 1969.

Today also marks the birth, in 1764 of Earl Grey, whose lasting legacy is a tea that no-one in their right mind would drink, and a London Tube station, although the link might not be immediately obvious. The thing that endears me most to him was that he had his head blown off by a lightning strike, but i’ll let you read about that yourself! There’s a distinctly outer space flavour to March 13th birthdays too… Percival Lowell and L. Ron Hubbard both share the same birthday and, in keeping with the starry theme, there’s another notable name who celebrates an anniversary today – Steller Sunshine is 10 years old!

In sl terms, 10 years takes us right back to prehistory – to a time when the virtual world was unformed and its pioneering residents were few and far between – back then, it was still in alpha – Linden World – and both Steller and sl, as a virtual environment, therefore technically share pretty much the same rez date, even though that seems to have been pretty much forgotten over the years. Steller was the very first, from a select group of just 25 alpha testers, to plant her feet upon the pixels of this bright new world. That’s not all that she planted either – her famous beanstalk, which i visited in my last post, still stands and although it’s often touted as the oldest resident build in sl, i’ll be controversial and say that i have my doubts…

Just as in rl, the further back that you go in sl the more difficult it becomes to separate fact from legend. The legend itself is very compelling, as to it’s veracity, i couldn’t possibly comment – i wasn’t even a pixellated twinkle in my creator’s eye when the beanstalk was created!

The story goes that on being left alone overnight on her very first day on the Grid, Steller constructed her beanstalk, to the shock and delight of the Lindens when they logged in the next day. If only it were true – maybe it is, but for me the dates just don’t add up… take a close look at the prims and you’ll find that the beanstalk appears to have been built over the course of a few weekends in July and August 2003. In fact, you’ll find that there’s quite a number of prims used in the construction of Governor Linden’s Mansion – another of Steller’s creations – which pre-date the beanstalk by over a year! Even so, it’s a charming story and a triumph of SLegineering. i have my own theory about the legend of the beanstalk: From the historical accounts i’ve gleaned that only two resident builds survived the transition from alpha to beta release, both of them created by Steller – these being the Governor’s Mansion and Steller’s cabin, (from what i can gather, only one Linden build survived from that period – the Man Statue). Could it be that the legend behind the beanstalk arises from it being the earliest surviving creation from the open beta release that launched in April 2003? Only Steller knows the real story; and maybe that’s how it should be.

Such is the stuff of legend and, since i’m told that Steller is still active inworld, she’s a living legend at that! It’s incredible to think that ten years ago today she set in motion the path that sl has followed ever since – a world where we, the residents, are the creators; a place where, from the magical seeds of inspiration that we plant, great and wonderful things have grown and i happen to think that we owe Steller an enormous debt of gratitude – Steller really did set the sl ball rolling and it hasn’t stopped yet!

Happy rez day Steller!

s. x

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in 
The sunshine in.
The 5th Dimension – Let The Sunshine In 

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about the tea!!

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