Live forever

Who wants to live forever? As the question once posed by Freddie Mercury goes – well, i don’t know about you, but immortality strikes me as having its down sides as well as the positives. Even so, i imagine it comes well up towards the top of many people’s wish lists, along with winning the lottery, having x-ray vision and/or the power to be invisible, and – of course -being able to teleport into sl and live out the rest of their days in the virtual world.

Let’s face it, none of those are going to happen, (well, ok, you might win big in the lottery – although i have it on good authority that the chances of winning the jackpot are the same as being hit by lightning twice. Interestingly, farmers are well-known for being hit multiple times by lightning – whether marrying a farmer will statistically improve your chances of becoming a multi-millionaire though is dubious. Get the lowdown here). Sadly, becoming a resident of sl, although it guaranties you a second life, is unlikely to extend your mortal coil much further than if you’d never come across sl – although, if you spend a significant amount of time inworld and correspondingly less time in rl, it could be argued that your chances of being run over by a bus, involved in a plane crash or trampled to death by wild elephants is reduced; thereby possibly extending your natural life exponentially. Now, there’s a great subject for a doctoral thesis – just remember where you got the idea and make sure your properly reference this blog!

Even if somebody did manage to discover a way that would enable sl to make us immortal, you can bet your bottom Linden dollar that a third party developer would come up with it and the feature would be immediately buried by Linden Lab, never again to see the light of day!

Don’t give up hope though because, even though sl can’t make you live any longer, it does have the power to turn back the clock!


Fiddlesticks! i hear you cry, (or words to that effect), “what gobbledeygook are you spouting now, Haven?” – but it’s true, i tell you! Oh, alright, perhaps i’ve used my artistic licence just a little there – i may as well… what’s the point in having one otherwise? – sl doesn’t actually Benjamin Buttonise you – if it did, i can’t imagine Linden Lab would have any recruitment problems – but, what it can do is allow us to re-live our younger days, to do the things we did as children – the daft, mad crazy, fun things that – as adults – we’re not really permitted to get away with in the real world.

Going bananas

SL give us the opportunity to do all those things that get frowned upon outside sl… it gives us permission to be silly, to play games and enjoy a bit of slapstick fun – we have the freedom to poke fun at each other, dance around like lunatics and completely forget that we’re supposed to be strait-laced, staid and responsible adults, and there’s something incredibly liberating about being in an environment where those sort of pursuits aren’t frowned upon – if anything, they’re encouraged!

Making a splash

The real world expects us to shun irresponsibility and behave ourselves and, when that happens, the child inside us gets locked inside their room… SL unlocks that door, throws away the key and allows us to indulge that childlike spirit that rl tries so hard to suppress with its weapons of income tax, car insurance, ironing and meeting all those oh-so-important deadlines. Deep down inside we want none of that nonsense – we want the fun things, the madness of childhood and the silliness of simply having a laugh: we want to jump in puddles and splash the miserable grown-ups around us; we want to set off all the noisy toys in the supermarket aisle and we want to blow great big raspberries and poke out our tongue at the establishment… and, by crikey, sl gives us that opportunity!

If i can’t live forever, i’d darn well like to have a monstrous load of fun in the time i have and, as long as sl is about you can expect to hear a knock on the door and see me standing on your doorstep, plaintively asking if you can come out to play with me!

s. x

But we are young, we run free,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright
Supergrass – Alright 

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4 Responses to Live forever

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  2. I would argue, but can not prove, that SL can extend your RL purely due to improved mental health. Like all cures you must be careful not to overdo it though, get out and take a walk before your bottom totally conforms to the chair!

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