Oscar was always one of my favourites… you know – the furry thing that lived in the trash can on Sesame Street; he was always a bit grumpy and cynical, and that appealed to me, (although it would be many years later that i’d be able to understand that affinity). Oscar and i – we’re two of a kind and, whilst Oscar’s residence was less than salubrious in comparison to my own surroundings, in a metaphorical sense many of us could possibly compare the lives that we inhabit as some sort of trash can – sometimes overflowing, often full of rubbish, with the most noxious and unmentionable dirt hidden well away at the bottom of the can. Like Oscar’s home, our lives can be dented and have seen better days, they show the marks of use and abuse on the outside and keep their secrets from passers-by on the inside. Sometimes they get emptied, cleaned out, all ready for a fresh new start – we may even recycle their contents and, very occasionally, we come across something totally unexpected – something worthwhile that’s been consigned to the bin… a treasure in the trash.

Hmmm… far too philosophical a start – that’s not the direction that this post was supposed to take. A bit of discipline, Haven! Come on now… Focus!

Let’s try again…

Oscar was always one of my favourites… you know – the furry thing that lived in the trash can on sesame street; if there was one thing that Oscar loved, it was trash! i sometimes think that Oscar would be in his element in sl – not because the virtual world is full of thrown away old sneakers, dropped banana peels and crisp packet litter – something that seems to be thankfully confined to the real world, but because it seems there are few places you can go in sl without running into somebody’s discarded rubbish and unwanted trash.

Now, who do you suppose left all this trash in this beauty spot?

We residents of sl can be an untidy bunch – we think nothing of leaving vehicles, chunks of buildings, various and innumerable odds and ends and, of course, the ubiquitous plywood cube, wherever we happen to drop them. Some items are quite legitimately lost – we have no idea where they’ve got to, or even sometimes that they are missing at all; sl is very good at helping us to misplace not only our house keys, but sometimes the whole house as well! Some time ago i mentioned how i managed to lose a whole nightclub, completely by accident, (it was eventually returned to me several months later by a kind-hearted stranger!). If you’re anything like me,  with a predisposition for putting things ‘in a safe place’, or ‘somewhere that i’ll know where to find them’, then you’ll understand how easy it is to misplace something in sl – particularly those things that you rez about thirty times and they never appear, until you turn around to find them blocking access to the local fire station. Only the other day i tried to rez a dancing cow, which i thought had never appeared – then i noticed several familiar looking objects embedded into the roof of Penny Lane church…

The thing that flummoxes me though is the total disregard for tidiness and civic duty that seems to pervade sl, which results in the trash of ten thousand avatars littering every corner of the virtual world. For some reason, a vast number of these objects turn out to be bullets of one kind or another – there’s a whole host of them scattered behind my Gallery at Nowhere Land – long, thin, multicoloured things – which complement nicely the flock of abandoned parrots that hang out there too. Or there were the two clonking great bullets with eyeballs that i managed to drive into, whilst minding my own business going for a little spin in the car recently – stuck in the middle of the road, they were! It seems that many of us have no interest in cleaning up our trash as we go along – perhaps we think the Linden Department of Public Works will do our dirty work for us; sadly not… they’re far too busy creating new and exciting types of lag to be bothered with cleaning up our rubbish.

In the wider scale of things, i suppose it’s nothing really but it’s one of those annoying niggles that sometimes just makes me want to rip somebody’s head off with my bare hands – it doesn’t take much effort to tidy up your mess after you’ve made it, so why do we seem so incapable sometimes of doing that one simple action?

s. x

But we’re trash, you and me,
We’re the litter on the breeze,
We’re the lovers on the streets,
Just trash, me and you,
It’s in everything we do
Suede – Trash

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