Update – 24th March

Here in Britland, the clocks go forward today – which is bad news because, a) it’s an hour less in bed; b) i still haven’t adjusted to them going back, last year, and; c) we’re all getting older.

Nevertheless, i shall enter into the spirit of things and anticipate the coming of the longer days and warmer weather with something akin to glee. Therefore i’m celebrating with a suitably upbeat, new flowery theme for the blog and having a play with my bit on the side.

Now stop it! You know very well i meant nothing of the smutty sort – i was, of course, referring to the side bar, which is over there, somewhere >>>

i don’t know if anyone ever notices what’s occurring on the far edge of the blog – it’s a bit of an hodge podge of miscellany and it does tend to change on a whim. It’s a place where i try out ideas, some of which seem to work, others of which die quietly after a short outing and get buried in an unmarked grave at the dead of night. There’s a couple of noobs i’ve added today – any feedback is appreciated. A quick explanation about ‘/me waves’ first – my geographical knowledge could do with some improving… so, once a week, i’m going to spotlight the first unique location i spot on my visitor’s list and learn all about it. It’s a small world… let’s make it even smaller!

Have a great weekend. 🙂

s. x

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