Gold Standard

It’s very easy to become a little jaded when writing a blog of this nature. It’s not like a fashion blog – which, i imagine is fun, if you enjoy that sort of thing – or a strictly personal blog, which i think has limited interest, especially if you don’t live a particularly interesting life or actually know the person writing it, neither is it one those news or product promotion type blogs, where factual, descriptive articles tend to be the order of the day. This blog is more of a mish-mash of all sorts of things – a bit like the weekly wash for the terminally disorganised… So basically, you end up with a big soggy heap of clothing bloggage; dark mixed up with light, delicates tangled with workwear, odd bits of underwear, the occasional mis-shapen and badly shrunk woollen and that ‘dry-clean only’ item that gets chucked in anyway. All of this coloured by the single, bright red sock of my own opinion, bleeding into everything unfortunate to share the same load!

So – because my life is pretty boring, but i feel the need for some sort of outlet, i write (mostly) about sl… it’s slightly more interesting than the real thing and it gives me something to bitch about.

There i go again – it’s so easy to fall into that sort of negativity about sl just at the moment. i’m well aware that there’s a great swathe of sl commentators out there who, perhaps quite rightly, are giving both sl and Linden Lab a hard time right now; there’s also a whole bunch of them being terribly objective and fair, together with a few who are fighting the Lab’s cause. The trouble is, we’re all talking about the same things, pretty much – not because we’re a bunch of plagiarists, but rather because sl is a pretty small world and we’re all affected by the same issues at the same time. That’s why i sometimes feel just a bit jaded and, to be honest, i can be my own worst enemy.

i tend to set myself pretty high standards of performance – i’m a bit of a perfectionist and i’m quite intolerant of second-rate – i also expect the same high standards from others. Consequently, when others fail to come up to the mark, i can be pretty scathing in my appraisal of them – be they content providers, companies, platforms or services and i’m quite vocal in expressing my feelings when any of the above fail to deliver on their own promises. You may think that’s unreasonable – personally, i think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect anyone, either personally or corporately, be able to live up to their own standards, failing which, i’ll take them to task.

This is a principle i stand by in both rl and sl – if the gas man says he’ll turn up between 2:00 and 3:00 but arrives 20 minutes late, then he won’t find me waiting to let him in – i think that’s fair.

Not everybody fails though… sometimes i find myself pleasantly surprised, blown away even, by exemplary service and, in the same way that i’ll moan about poor quality, i think it’s only right that i should applaud the high quality when it crosses my path.

Some of you will know that for months now i’ve had real problems with graphics in sl – particularly when it comes to enabling shadows which, without fail, caused me to crash in the most horrific manner. Eventually, at my wits’ end, i posted to the Phoenix Jira – not really expecting much joy, to be honest… but you have to try. Every day, i’d watch my ticket move up the queue until, to my surprise, Phoenix support contacted me – the first of several exchanges that, to cut a long story short, has not only got me into a position where i can enable shadows but, thanks to the patient and extremely helpful advice that i was given has really helped me to understand my viewer and how it works. What impressed was that i wasn’t dismissed out of hand as unimportant or a nuisance, neither was i given short-shrift and told to go away. Instead, i was given quality assistance, extra help when i tried – and failed – to sort things out and the very real impression that the people i was dealing with actually cared about my problem. They weren’t anxious to fob me off and close the ticket either – instead they waited, just in case i had further problems.

i was very impressed and, credit where it’s due, my experience of the Phoenix Team’s customer service was second to none. Bravo, and special thanks to Gweneth – you really did bring a big smile to my face!

Look at those fabulous shadows!

Isn’t it great to have something good to write about for once?

s. x

And you could leave me standing so tall
Spandau Ballet – Gold

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One Response to Gold Standard

  1. Shug Maitland says:

    Phoenix/Firestorm support is exemplary! I have has similar success in my dealings with them. Most impressively they are an all volunteers! In the group chat I have seen amazing patience and courtesy even in the face of some pretty abusive people.
    Now if something like this could only be scaled up to Second Life in general (maybe best if not done by the Lindens).

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