An apology

Oops! It appears that i owe you all rather a large apology.

i can explain everything – it was a completely honest mistake and i didn’t even know what had happened until i saw the news today, by which time of course blame had been apportioned and thousands of sl bloggers had vented their ire over the latest disaster to befall the good ship sl.

So, i’m going to do the honourable thing and ‘fess up.

It’s all my fault, i’m afraid – this is what happened: i was doing a spot of  cyber-espionage  exploring, as i’m inclined to do from time to time, when i stumbled across a very interesting place. Now, before you get all huffy and start berating me for wandering around places that i have no business to be, there were no stern warnings to stay away and not a ban line in sight. As far as i’m concerned, if there’s no Lindens around to order you off the premises, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a good old nose and seeing what’s what 😉  Just for good measure, i popped on my super-stealth heavy duty anti-eject suit to wear until i was quite sure that there was nobody around!

i usually find myself mildly disappointed by top secret, clandestine locations – they invariably turn out to be terribly boring and dull offices, with no trace of ray guns, trap doors and secret labs and, sorry to say, this one wasn’t much better. However, lady luck was smiling on me this time… an innocuous looking elevator in a corner office seemed somewhat out of place – sure enough, once i’d hacked into guessed the security code, i found myself plummeting down into the subterranean depths… yes indeed, a genuine secret laboratory! Changing into something less noticeable and more ‘just passing by’ (besides, it was getting a bit hot and sweaty in that Metal Mickey suit), i whipped out my Spy tourist camera kit and started snapping away. As you can see, the new avatar plans look, erm… interesting!

In the best Hollywood style, a noise in the corridor outside startled me and, jumping onto a nearby TP pad, i got the hell outta there in the nick of time. The building i ended up in was some sort of control centre – it didn’t make much sense to me but the place hummed with energy, monitors, server racks and all sorts of electronic wizardry. Snap, snap, snap went the camera until, my curiosity satisfied, i decided that it was probably wise not to outstay my welcome, so i strolled nonchalantly back through the door, into the outside world.

That was the plan, anyway; unfortunately, my nonchalance and any semblance of dignity rapidly disappeared as my foot caught on something just outside the doorway and i went flying, to land in rather a sorry heap on the floor. The offending ‘trip hazard’, (yes, i’ve done my health and safety awareness!), turned out to be a length of cable and at this point i’ll admit to acting just a little rashly and losing my decorum ever so slightly!

Giving the cable a good hard yank, i was rewarded by a satisfying ‘clunk’, followed by a less than satisfying whack in the face by a large and painful plug, attached to the end of the cable, which came flying through the air as a result of my actions. Now feeling thoroughly bruised and unamused, i’d had enough. Throwing the plug – which bore a label, upon which was scrawled ‘Datacentre #3’ in magic marker – to the ground, i TP’d back home and decided that i’d had quite enough of bruises and intrigue to last me for one day… time to log off.

Now, it’s tomorrow, and i’ve just done my round of the blogs and, er… all i can say is, i’m really, really sorry.

Please believe me that i never intended to plunge sl into complete chaos for the whole day! How was i to know i’d unplugged a whole datacentre in a fit of pique? What can i say, other than, it won’t happen again and, to everyone who lost inventory, missed appointments or was unable to get their daily fix of sl, i’ll make it up to you somehow. Of course, what makes it even worse it that everyone is having a go at the Lindens… and it’s not even their fault, for a change!

Although, coming to think of it… they did leave that cable lying around in rather a dangerous fashion. Perhaps it is their fault, after all!

s. x

Everything is my fault
I’ll take all the blame
Nirvana – All Apologies 

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2 Responses to An apology

  1. Hehehe!! Great post! 🙂

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