Use the force…

There’s a delicate balance to be struck when blogging, especially with the sort of extended personal blog that my own has somehow become. The people reading this on a regular basis are split between those whom i know personally, spend my time with and regularly share experiences and activities, and then there’s everybody else – the extended ‘family’ whom i’ve never met, and whose path in SLife rarely, if ever crosses my own path. If i was to go down the route of treating everyone on the same basis, i’d either end up with a blog that considered the wider issues of sl and was very generic, and therefore tailored to the needs of the casual acquaintance, or i could go down the route of keeping the blog strictly personal – chatting about friends and events that those closest to me could relate to but which would necessarily exclude those of the wider readership. So, i try to strike a balance but, at the end of the day, this is a personal blog about my personal experiences in sl, so sometimes i’ll talk about things on a personal, ‘local’ level, which is exactly what i’m be doing today!

Sometimes in sl, i’ll take part in an event that, even by normal sl standards, is something special. Most Thursdays and Fridays you’ll find me misspending my, erm… ‘youth’ in the rather convivial surroundings of Dugi Rubble’s Soul Mods – a club so secret that even Dugi barely know’s of it’s existence, (the less he knows, the better!). The first rule of Soul Mods is there are no rules at Soul Mods, also known by those who frequent it as ‘Project Absolute Mayhem’. As with all these things, it started innocently enough with a request – “can we have a Star Wars theme night?” – inevitably, as these things do at Soul Mods, things ‘developed’.

DJ Slate McLeod is not one to do things by halves – and on Star Wars night, he surpassed himself! Soul Mods was completely transformed from it’s more usual Highland Room look, to one of a galaxy far away, complete with Tie Fighter, droids and X-Wing… it looked amazing!

No matter how good the venue might look, the illusion is all too easily spoiled if people don’t enter into the spirit of things, but we’re talking Soul Modders here: all mad as a box of frogs game for a laugh, and on this particular occasion, they certainly didn’t disappoint!

The mod from, erm… Mos Eisley?

Princess Leia’s in abundance, a couple of Han Solo’s (a Han Duo?), Darth (Aston Vader) Vader, droids, aliens, stormtroopers and a short, green Spanish critter (“Yoda from Madrid comes he, yes. Hmm”) were all out in force (geddit?) and, beautifully complemented by a suitably Star Wars set of Northern Soul and mod tunes, (don’t ask!), it proved to be a particularly awesome evening.

Thankfully, injuries sustained during the evening were minimal, despite half the assembled crowd attempting to dance whilst wielding lightsabres, and a certain nightclub owner managing to work out how to operate his blaster pistol, (Aston Vader soon sorted him out with her Jedi rolling pin!), most of the injuries were bumps and bruises sustained from falling of chairs in helpless laughter.

As for yours truly – well, if the truth be known, i’m not a huge fan of Star Wars. Sure, i watched the first couple of films and maybe even the third one too, (was that the one with the teddy bears?), but when they started adding sequels and prequels and interquels, i lost interest – there’s only so much mucking around in hyperspace i can handle, let’s face it, i can barely cope with cyberspace! 

Even so, i was determined to strut my stuff Jedi-style – unfortunately, there don’t seem to be a huge amount of female parts in Star Wars, so it was a choice between Princess Leia; Luke’s auntie who died in the first 10 minutes, (or several hundred years into the story, if you include the prequels); or Whoopie Goldberg, (i’m guessing she was in it somewhere!)

So i chose some to be some bloke with a red and black face and a whopping great lightsabre! This gave me the dual advantage of not having to appear in public wearing practically nothing, and it looked pretty damn impressive. i’ve no idea who he was, where in the storyline he appears or even if he was a good guy or had been subsumed by the dark side – i still don’t, but what the heck, it was fun to do!

Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about – a bit of fun? And if you can get to play around with lightsabres too, all the better!

May the force be with you! 😉

s. x

“They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, they became heroes.”
Princess Leia Organa 

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2 Responses to Use the force…

  1. It really was a fun night, and Slate decorated the place awesome. Always impressed with the stuff he creates. Plus I’m a sci-fi geek so loved it! By the way, you were dressed as Darth Maul, an assasin for Darth Sidious. In other words = bad guy! But don’t worry, Seren. I was dressed as an imperial officer, so we were both on the dark side!

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