SL9Because we should…

The promise i made myself was simple: to keep this blog as a kind of respite home for those of us desperate to stay away from all the hype and overkill of both the Olympics, and SL9B. Therefore, i wasn’t going to say a word about either. Fail.

That’s the only time i intend to mention the Olympics.

It’s fair to say that i had a fairly jaundiced view of SL9B, particularly when all the wotsit started to hit the thingy, the drama about the Lindens not getting involved, pulling their support and generally all the inevitable nonsense that was bound to happen occurred and i thought, “here we go again, just as expected”. However, things have changed and – Linden Lab support or not – SL9B is going ahead and to me that speaks volumes about the residents of sl.

The residents of our virtual world do care a great deal. They care about the integrity of the sl community and they care about its success as a shared environment; they care about supporting and promoting creativity, and when the chips are down, in the face of difficulties and problems, they never fail to step up to the mark and show that they are prepared to put their money, their time and their effort to use in supporting sl, even when it seems the Lindens can’t be bothered.

SL9B is therefore being run by the residents, for the residents and, on that basis, i intend to give it my full support. Whatever technical issues arise, whatever political points are made, you won’t find me having a go at SL9B, those organising it or those getting involved because, frankly, it wouldn’t be happening at all if it was left up to the Lab.

This year’s celebration truly does reflect the mantra ‘your world, your imagination’ – and the theme that has been chosen: ‘Community‘, puts the whole event ethos firmly within one of the fundamental tenets of sl citizenship. It’s the virtual community that makes sl the place that it is – a collaborative and responsive social environment that brings together people from all countries and cultures and allows us to share in widely diverse interests.

That, to me, is the very essence of sl.

So, you’ll find me supporting SL9B; in fact, i’ve already offered up a small contribution towards it, but it struck me that if any of the above really means anything, then i really should be doing everything that i can to support and showcase what the sl community can do when they get together and mean business… so i’ve started work on a little project – i don’t have the resources, time or expertise to grab an official plot and set up a proper SL9B exhibit, but i do have my own land and i’m more than happy to sacrifice a few prims in the support of this auspicious occasion. So, come June 18th, you’ll find a little bit of SL9B making its way to Nowhere Land.

At the moment, there’s still a fair bit of work that i need to do – although a large portion of the back room work has already been completed by bespectacled chaps in white coats, (not really – it’s all my own work!) – and, mainly for fear that the whole thing will go horribly wrong before launch day, (after all, it is all my own work!) – the precise details shall remain a big secret for the time being, however the basics are as follows –

The ‘exhibit’ will be interactive and community-focussed; it will develop and change over the course of the SL9B week, according to how the community interacts with it; anybody and everybody will be able to make their mark and have a say in its development; as well as the inworld exhibit at Nowhere Land, you’ll be able to keep up with progress on the web and share what’s happening with the wider online community. Most importantly, although this is my contribution to SL9B, it will only come to anything if other people get involved – in fact, the more members of the community who add their own unique input, the better!

That’s all you’re getting for now – watch this space for updates and, this year, let’s all get together and show the Lindens that we can do it better than they ever could!

s. x

He say I know you, you know me 
One thing I can tell you is 
You got to be free 
Come together, right now 
The Beatles – Come Together

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