Update: 25th May

Weird how you can get an idea, settle down to start writing and something entirely different takes over.

Very weird, when you find yourself looking at what you’ve just written and asking “where the crap did that come from?”, but loving it nevertheless.

You may have noticed i like to play with language: By and large, grammar and such nonsense is encouraged on these pages, but it’s not unknown for me to make up my own rules, invent words and punctuation, and generally give language a hard time. Well, why not?

Messing with language has always fascinated me, from Burgess’ Nadsat and Orwell’s Newspeak, through to The Prisoner’s quirky idioms and the frivolous nonsense of Ned Flandersisms. It was inevitable that, at some point, such things would find a loophole through which they would exude into my own jottings.

That wasn’t the intention: i’d intended to write something else entirely, but something visceral and unexpected took over and, almost without thinking, ‘Slum’ oozed itself onto the page. i like it – you don’t have to!

‘Slum’ isn’t mainstream, or sl, so you’ll find it on my Alt. life: page.

Smiles up!

s. x

This one’s for the freaks
For the lost and weak
For the butterflies and devotees
For the disciples of our destiny
Manic Street Preachers – The Underdogs 

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