All is revealed!

No – not sensational pictures of me in the all-together! Sorry folks… although my news is even more exciting than that!

Yes, the time has come to reveal my master plan to take over the world contribution to the SL9B celebrations and – bearing in mind that the theme for SL9B is ‘Community’ – it’s something that i’d very much like all of you, (yes, you there in the corner too!), to be involved with. In fact, the success or abysmal failure of this project is entirely reliant upon the sl community getting involved and individually bringing their own unique contribution to it. Don’t bother getting involved and the whole thing will fall horribly flat on its face!

So, i won’t keep you in suspense any longer…

The exhibit – which will be located at the newly-expanded Nowhere Land, on the Penny Lane sim – is entitled ‘The SL9B Story’ and the concept is really very simple:

i’m inviting as many people from sl as possible to join together and collaborate in writing a story, as a community endeavour. That’s it, in a nutshell. The invitation to contribute is open to everybody – from seasoned writers to absolute beginner; no experience is necessary, just a willingness to join with other writers from the sl community and come up with a great story worth telling. Everybody who has a story to tell is welcome. So, come on all you writers, bloggers, storytellers, authors, poets, songwriters, scribblers, note-takers, spinners-of-yarns, bards and jotters… in fact, anyone at all with a story in their head that deserves to be told – this is your chance!

Here’s how it works – simply come along to the exhibit at Nowhere Land and seek out the Great Big Story Book, (you can’t miss it – it’s a great big story book!); read the story so far and then get all creative and write the next bit, following on seamlessly from where the previous writer left off, (you do this by adding your contribution as the next ‘comment’ in the book). You can write as much or as little as you wish, and you can visit and contribute to the story as often as you like, and please – by all means – share the LM and tell your friends to do likewise! My hope is that, by the end of SL9B, we’ll have the most amazing story, written by the collaborative efforts of hundreds, (thousands?), of members of the sl community.

There’s just a few rules that everyone should expect to adhere to –

  1. Be creative;
  2. Follow on from where the last writer left off;
  3. Write as much or as little as you like;
  4. Keep it ‘G’-Rated

That’s it!

You’ll be able to follow the story, off-world, by e-mail subscription or by visiting ‘The SL9B Story’ Blog, (i’ll post the URL nearer the big day), although since we’re celebrating everything sl, i’d encourage you to only to post your contributions to the story in-world, at the exhibit.

Books galore! (Well, maybe a few)… It’s a work in progress.

In addition to the The Great Big Story Book, there will be a few lesser books scattered around and i’d love to use these to showcase the talents of other sl residents. If you’ve published a book and would like it showcased at the exhibit, please let me have a 256×256 pixel image of the cover, a brief introduction that i can put on a notecard and a URL to your site, or a site where your book is featured. You can send them to me by e-mail, (the address is in the sidebar), or inworld, (although be warned, my messages do sometimes get capped!). It’ll be strictly first-come, first served but, if you don’t make it onto the cover of one of the books, i’ll do my best to make sure that you get a mention somehow.

If you haven’t yet registered for an official SL9B plot and want to do so, or fancy getting involved in SL9B in any other capacity, there’s still time! Go to the official blog for everything you need to know.

Now, where did i put those books?

i’ll keep you posted about ‘The Story’, including when you can expect to see it in-situ, along with the blog URL and any other developments as they happen. In the meantime, get those creative juices flowing, start coming up with ideas and, together, let’s make this birthday a memorable community experience!

s. x

I like to go out dancing,
My baby loves a bunch of authors
Lately we’ve had some friction
‘Cause my baby’s hooked on
short works of fiction
Moxy Fruvous – My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors 

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6 Responses to All is revealed!

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  2. Crap Mariner says:

    Mind if I landmark-giver it in my own SL9B build?

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  4. Paypabak says:

    Brilliant idea! *waves at Crap*
    I will definitely visit. I have pix of Nowhere land I took a long time ago, meaning to write it up … anyway, I will also plug in Purk and in my tumblr. *hugs*

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