Aw Crikey!

Oops! Looks like a few of you have been on a wild goose chase on my account, for which i do apologise! In my defence, i never actually said the Big Book exhibit was in place just yet but i completely failed to appreciate the enthusiasm of some sl residents, whom it seems have been trudging around unsuccessfully trying to find the elusive Big Story Book!

It was in my workshop all the time!

However… it’s not now, it’s exactly where i said it would be and, just as importantly, the landing point when you TP in, is a little bit more helpful too!

Multitudinous apologies to all those who paid a visit, only to be disappointed – won’t you please come back and take another look? The site is by no means finished yet, there’s still a fair bit to do, but the nuts and bolts of it is there and, over the next week or so, things should start to take shape. In the meantime, thanks for your support and encouragement – it’s great to know you’re out there!

“The SL9B Story”

s. x

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