Almost there!

“This is your captain speaking, we are about to begin our final approach, so please switch off all electrical equipment, ensure parachutes are strapped on and adopt looks of wild-eyed terror. The cabin crew will shortly be moving amongst you and murmuring quiet words of encouragement…”

Yes, my SL9B build is pretty much finished: the technical gubbins on the internet side of things have been alpha and beta tested and are now ready for er… Charlie testing, (that does come next, doesn’t it?); everything is in place; landing zones sorted and Destination Guide nomination sent. All that’s left to do is to knock up a couple of sculpties for some items i couldn’t beg, borrow or steal from elsewhere, (notice how lightly i just managed to gloss over what i know will be hours of frustration and swearing to come!); sort out a profile pick and do the last-minute primping, preening and tweaking, (and that’s just me… i haven’t got to the build yet!).

All of which means that “The SL9B Story” will be ready to roll when SL9B itself launches on the 18th! Yay!

Only one vital ingredient is yet to be added – your very good selves: That is, the community of sl. You see, the SL9B story won’t happen at all if you guys don’t get involved – so get SL9B into your diaries, tell everyone you know, head on down to Nowhere Land and, together, let’s write the biggest and best collaborative story that’s ever been seen in sl! C’mon folks, let’s show that Philip Rosedale how crowdsourcing really works!

Here’s a reminder too for any published authors out there – i’ve a number of books at the site just begging for a cover. If you’d like the chance to showcase your talent and get your book seen at Nowhere Land, then don’t delay: send me picture of the cover – 256×256 pixels, please – along with the cover notes from your book and a URL to link to your site, or a site that your book is featured, and i’ll do the rest. i’ll pop your cover on one of my books and, with a click, any visitor will be signposted to where they can get a copy… can’t say fairer than that. There’s only a finite number of books though and one of them has been taken already – so, get your skates on!

Send your pictures and text to me at the e-mail address in the sidebar, or inworld (but if i’m offline, my messages do get capped).

Don’t feel you have to wait until the celebration starts to check it out either – anyone is welcome to pop by at any time… feel free to take a look around and maybe pay a visit to The Gallery too!

See you soon!

s. x

Everybody join together, I want you to join together,
Come on and join together with the band,
We need you to join together, come on and join together,
Come on and join together with the band.
The Who – Join Together

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