Nothing at all?

Distinctly odd.

We’ve all had days when we’ve logged in to find that there seems to be nothing at all going on in sl, but no matter how much we might feel that’s the case, we know that something, somewhere must be happening, and we we certainly don’t expect to see ‘official’ confirmation that nothing at all is taking place.

Similarly – whether it’s the truth or not – we all manage to have a dig at Linden Lab’s distinct lack of communication skills from time to time, but we don’t expect to see empirical proof blatantly telling us that the Lab has nothing to say…

Which is why the last week has been a little bit puzzling for me because whenever i’ve logged in to my control panel, this is what i’ve been presented with. Yep – nothing at all; no blog feeds, no Grid status and no events!

To me, this indicates a number of possibilities:

1. Nothing is happening anywhere in sl;
2. Things are happening, but LL can’t be bothered to tell anyone;
3. Something is horribly broken;
4. i’m the target of some sort of conspiracy.

Since number 1 is unlikely and number 4 is just wishful thinking on my part, that only leaves number 2, which although true is possibly a tiny bit far-fetched, or the most likely option – number 3, something, somewhere is borked beyond reason.

What i find puzzling though is that, even though i’ve been seeing this for a week now, what i haven’t seen is any of the usual baying for blood and the head of Rodvik on a plate from the sl community. The only reasonable conclusion i can draw from this is that nobody else is experiencing this problem and that it’s exclusive to me. Maybe there is a conspiracy after all!

Determined to get to the bottom of this, i thought i’d do some digging and, despite my growing sense of apprehension that the whole of the Linden web thing might be equally knackered, everything seems to be in order: The Marketplace works as well as, erm, as well as it ever has; the Wiki works; personal feeds seem ok… in fact, almost everything is behaving. Note that i said ‘almost’? Let’s just say that the Destination Guide is looking a little uninspiring.

All of which has left me wracking my brain as to what i could possibly have done to be singled out for such special treatment. Could it be that secrets are being kept from me? Are there great things afoot about which it’s better i was kept in the dark? Is it simply that a little knowledge in the clumsy hands of someone like me is a dangerous thing? Or, have i unwittingly done something stupid to my web browser that’s managed to mangle up my sl control panel, whilst somehow leaving every other web site i frequent untouched?

The bottom line is that i just don’t know. Neither, i’m very sorry to say, do i care. You see, after a week of having none of the usual headline information available to me, i can honestly say that it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to my second life – i haven’t felt that i’m missing out, or that there’s important information that i really should know about. In fact, it’s been no loss at all. What does that say about the quality and relevance of the information feed on  the control panel? A whole lot, i’d say – it’s actually been quite pleasant to log in and not see Rod’s everlasting blurb about wandering through the jungle, tales of woe of yet another bout of unscheduled maintenance and yet another completely boring post about billing issues being resolved!

Based on this past week’s experience, i’d be quite happy to see about 80% of the control panel done away with completely and feel absolutely no ill-effect at all. Perhaps it’s time for a complete revamp of the whole thing anyway – how about a modular, customisable control panel that users can tailor to their own needs and tastes, like they can with pretty much any other network these days? Oh, silly me – got carried away for a moment and forgot this is Linden Lab!… Just stick with what we’ve got, boys, heaven forbid having something useful!

Anyway, back to that conspiracy theory…

s. x

Confusion in her eyes that says it all.
She’s lost control.
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control 

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