Exciting times!

Yours truly is getting rather excited by SL9B!

The Great Big Story Book and all the various bits and pieces that go with it are pretty much ready to roll, and although i can’t help but keep tweaking and adding extra finishing touches, on the whole, i’m very pleased with the results. There’s been quite a bit of interest too from the sl community, which is even more pleasing – in fact somebody managed to slip in under the radar today with an opening line for the story, rather ahead of the official launch date. Not to worry – i’ve rolled out a patch to fix the loophole and all is well, (NB – please note clever use of techie-speak to disguise the fact that i’ve approached the actual ‘storybook’ side in pretty much the same way as i build – as in, ‘i wonder what happens if i do this?…’). However, i’m as confident as it’s possible to be that everything now works as it’s supposed to, and that my friends, is very good news.

There’s lot’s more good news on the wider SL9B front – it looks like it’s going to be the biggest and best birthday celebration yet – despite the Lindens wanting nothing to do with it – i could say something about ’cause and effect’ here, but i won’t, simply because the remarkable success so far has purely been down to the energy and effort expended by the organisers and exhibitors – top job folks. The dealings i’ve had with the SL9B team have dealt with with courteously, promptly and enthusiastically – which is more than the Lindens ever seem to manage! There look to be some pretty interesting things going on over at the exhibition sims and i personally can’t wait to check them out.

There have, of course been mutterings, (alright, some pretty loud voices), of dissent and i can understand there are disappointed people, who’ve worked hard on builds and haven’t been successful with their applications – with limited resources and a massive over-subscription, it’s inevitable that not everyone is going to get a place. There’s been grumblings about inappropriate exhibits too – in fact my rather outspoken colleague, Feral Mossrider, whom some of you may know from Moonletters, went so far as to leave a rather pointed comment about blatant product placement/advertising on a Flickr post of one particular exhibit – which strangely disappeared overnight, (the comment, not the exhibit!). Anyway, i’m sure such things won’t go unchallenged. Might i also suggest to those who have been disappointed, that rather than bitch about the organisation, now would be the appropriate time to activate ‘Plan B’, (you did have a backup plan, didn’t you?).

You can be assured that i’ll be keeping a keen eye on developments and that i intend making the most of the chance to visit as many exhibits as possible – both at the celebration site and at the Gridwide community sites that are joining in with the celebration.

Speaking of which… Check this out!

Yep, i made it into the Destination Guide – there’s something quite satisfying about exploiting the Linden publicity machine, when they’ve refused to support the event in any other way. More to the point, with the theme of ‘Community’ it’s a great feeling to know that as many of the sl community as possible gets the chance to be involved in this community project.

There’s more! i do tend to get a bit carried away with things, (there are those who suggest that i should be carried away altogether – but can we please wait until after the celebrations?).

To mark the occasion of Second Life’s 9th birthday and The SL9B Story,  i’ve created a new, special edition, time-limited bear. He’s only available to visitors to the exhibit and you’ll only be able to grab him from now until the end of SL9B on 27th June, after that he’ll be permanently retired. Pick up your free SL9Bear at Nowhere Land… look for the Great Big Bear and nearby you’ll find his baby brother, who’ll dispense your very own SL9Bear with a click!

Let me tell you the best part of all of this marlarkey – it’s simply enormously satisfying, whimsical, magical, crazy, ridiculous, mad, ridiculous FUN!

Sometimes, i forget that sl is supposed to be fun – it kinda gets forgotten in between the nonsense bits that we attach such enormous importance to… the technical problems, the latest whinge, the expense, the hassles and the grief – that ain’t what sl is about. SL is about creativity, community and having a good time and i fully intend to indulge myself with all that SL9B has to offer in those departments – are you coming too?

One week, one story, countless authors!

s. x

I see a clinic full of cynics
Who want to twist the peoples’ wrist
They’re watching every move we make
We’re all included on the list
Fun Boy 3 – The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum 

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One Response to Exciting times!

  1. Yay!!! Happy you made it into the destination guide. Hoping your story project makes SL history. You’ve been working hard on it, and it should be fun.

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