Time traveller

Time… the inexorable tickety-tocking towards the inevitable, unavoidable, but yet unknown future. Although, from a physicist’s point of view, time is of course relative – that is, even the shortest period of time can seem like an age when spent in the company of some relatives, (especially if they happen to be physicists). Time is also relative to where you happen to be in the world at the present moment – there are those of you who will read this at the same time that i’m reading, and yet because of your location, you may well be several hours ahead of me; it may even be tomorrow where you are. In relative terms, that means i’m communicating with people from the future – freaky huh? (Tell me, oh revered ones from the future… do they have flying cars, houses on the moon and never-iron clothing where you come from?).

Speaking of the future – depending on where and when you happen to be reading this, SL9B is only a week away! (Unless you happen to be reading this from Alpha Centauri, in which case, you’ve missed it by almost four and a half years! – Best get SL14B in the diary now!). As you may have guessed, i’m staunchly supporting the celebrations, mainly because this year they are an entirely resident-created, resident-directed and resident-facilitated activity – those pesky Lindens have had precisely nothing whatsoever to do with any of it – consequently, thanks to the tireless efforts of the volunteers, collaborators and supporters of this momentous event, it looks like it’s going to be one of the biggest and best celebrations ever held in sl!

How awesome is that?

In addition to the official Sims – which include water Sims – at the official celebration site, there’s entertainment, speakers, events and a whole host of activities that will be going on; in addition to those, the celebration goes Gridwide as it embraces this year’s theme of ‘Community’, and it all kicks off on June 18th for a whole week of merry-making. Check out the official blog for all the information.

As you  will already know – since i keep wittering on about it ad-infinitum, and will continue to do so for as long as necessary, and then some, one of the community events is The SL9B Story at Nowhere Land, where every member of the sl community is invited to come along and help write an extra special story in celebration of the 9th birthday of sl and the creativity of the sl community. Get your thinking caps on now, because the pages of the Great Big Story Book will be opened on the 18th!

There’s plenty of other community events going on too and i absolutely insist that you should go along and support as many as possible and get your bottoms along to the SL9B Sims too – in fact, whatever you have planned for the week of the 18th June, cancel it because there’s going to be so much to see and do there, that you’ll need the whole week just to absorb it all! Whilst we’re on the subject, i’m hoping to be able to give you a sneak preview of what to expect, in this very blog on Sunday 17th… so make sure you’re watching this space if you want to grab a slice of the action ahead of the grand opening! Sorry i can’t be more specific about timing, but as i mentioned earlier, time is relative and Sundays are, well… timeless.

Too many hours in the day?

And so, we come full circle back to the subject of time – much as the hands of a clock circumscribe their 24 hour passage around the clock face, (unless you happen to be using my ‘phone to tell the time, which seems to think i operate around a 25-hour cycle… no wonder i’m confused!). Now, however, i’d like us to consider the past, rather than the future.

The interesting thing about the past is that unlike the future, it’s not at all relative… wherever we are, (even Alpha Centauri), the past is somewhere that we’ve all been – the only trouble is that the more past that we have, the less able we are to remember it! This is a great shame, since the past is full of some pretty cool stuff that really deserves to be remembered and what better time to become all nostalgic than at a birthday celebration?

One of the unexpected things that came to light last year as a result of the Christchurch earthquake, were a couple of time capsulesburied beneath the plinth of a statue of the city’s founder – a fascinating insight into the past… the sort of thing that makes geeks like me have shivers up the spine! SL too celebrates the past at every birthday, with its own time capsule, containing artefacts from the virtual world for future generations to marvel over, (if they can figure out how to open the darn things!). This year is no exception and – crazy idea though it is – i’ve decided to have a bash at coming up with a design for this year’s capsule. Of course, i don’t stand a chance of winning – my building skills are less than accomplished, even so it’s not the winning, but the taking part that matters and, i for one, think that it’s such a great idea that it’s something i just have to try!

SL Time Capsule… 3001: A little optimistic?

As for the design? Well, that’s tippy-top secret! All i’ll say is that i’ve kept it simple and straightforward, (another way of saying ‘nil building skills’), reflecting both the themes of birthday celebration and community. i’ve also included elements inspired by the The Man Statue… itself a testament from the very beginning of sl and a celebration of all the years that our virtual world has survived and flourished – a fitting inspiration for a birthday time capsule, i think.

i’m very excited about it!

s. x

Time has come today 
Young hearts can go their way 
Can’t put it off another day 
I don’t care what others say 
They say we don’t listen anyway 
Time has come today
Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today

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