At the strike of thirteen
past the middle of the night
the cherry blossom glowed
all pink and bright;
it seemed to call, “come closer, girl
and let your mind become a whirl”
and as she stepped beneath its crown
she felt quite odd, and with a frown
beneath her feet the earthy ground
began to spin around, and round –
down she spiralled, with a scream
“Oh save me from this awful dream!”
But dream ’twas not, the fall was real,
as a heavy landing did reveal;
but where exactly was this place?
Pure confusion crossed her face,
“this is not my couch,
and it’s not my
She spoke out loudly in the gloom.
“It’s certainly not! And aren’t you rude?
It’s just as well, I’m a patient dude!”
The voice from the dark gave her a scare
but her fear turned to laughter
when she spied who was there –
A rather large rabbit was speaking to her;
a bit of a sight… all in green fur!
“Young lady, I’d ask you
to please leave my house!

Why, if the cat should see you
he might think you’re a mouse!”
Seeing her confusion, he lifted a paw,
pointed to the stairs – “that way’s the door!
Now please, get out quickly,

I’m going to be late,
for tonight, don’t you see

I’ve got a hot date!”
Thanking him kindly,
she ran up the stair
and on reaching the top
she found a strange pair…
Remembering her manners,
she said “how do you do?
And who might you be?”
she asked of the two.
“I’m Tweedledoo and he’s Tweedledon’t
if you want us to help you,
I will and he won’t!”
“Don’t listen to him”, 
said the twin with a smile
“he’ll just mislead you –
he’s really quite vile!”
“Hey! I don’t care, just tell me which way!”
she stared at the twins, with a look of dismay
“I’m sorry if it seems I’m in a bad mood,
but I’m really quite hungry –I need food”
“Well, if it’s food that you’re after,
how about a nice bun?”
“Just take a running jump…
it’ll be such fun!”
With a hop, skip and jump,
she flew off the ledge
and flailed for the burger
but just caught the edge!
She fell from the sky – dropped like a stone
but had the good fortune to land on a scone!
Surrounded by waffles, and angel cakes too
she tucked in with a vengeance,
(well, I’m sure you would too!)
Then a very strange feeling
caused her to think;
“are the cakes getting bigger, 
or am I starting to shrink?”
Strange it may seem, but she was quite right
the cakes had oddly affected her height!
Now, quite perplexed she wandered around
until she heard a peculiar sound.
Discordant music filled the great room
but try as she might,
she couldn’t place the tune.
Surrounded by giant musical tools,
she spotted a note headed
‘These are the Rules’
‘If you play me a tune, you can go free;
think of it like a musical key!’
Well, that was no good, what could she do?
when it came to playing music,
she hadn’t a clue!
Perched on the top of a giant concert grand
she looked around for inspiration
in this strange and weird land.
Then her heart gave a leap
as she saw a solution:
A simple way to create noise pollution!
Off in the distance was an old record player,
surrounded by vinyl, (Ugh! Leo Sayer!)
She flipped on a disc
and turned up the sound
and out came the music;
it flooded around.
Then, in an instant the world
turned inside out
it flipped upside-down
and she gave a loud shout!
Again, she was falling,
through streams of bright light –
Purple and green, orange and white.
Which way to go she had no way of knowing,
but stepping out boldly,
without her fear showing
she searched for an exit
from this very strange place…
If she could be home for supper,
now that would be ace.
And then, in a corner
she saw a strange sight,
and a voice seemed to say;
“Walk towards the light!”

Then, suddenly, she arrived home, with a bump; and looking around she felt quite a chump. “So, this is what happens when you nod off to the telly! Will I do it again? – not on your nelly!”

 s. x

Oh baby gonna away from me
Oh baby I’m the acid dream
The Monsters – Acid Dreams 

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