First Impressions

The Foundry Summer Camp

Wow! It’s HUGE and there’s absolutely masses to see and do… that’s my first impression of the quite amazing SL9B Sims.

Love Like Dim Sum

If i’m completely honest, a week isn’t going to be long enough if you’re serious about getting the most out of SL9B – if you’ve ever been to a major trade show, you’ll know the feeling… you walk through the door and, as the whole vastness of the task ahead hits you full in the face, three things spring to mind:

1 – There’s no way you’re ever going to cover all that ground in one go;
2 – You’ve completely under-estimated the size of freebie bag you need;
3 – You are going to get hopelessly lost within the first 5 minutes.

Isn’t it a fantastic feeling?

Now, take that feeling, throw in the surreality, colour and chaos that typifies sl, and you’re getting some idea of what the birthday celebrations are going to be like!

Joining in the fun – Celebrate 13

The first choice that faces you on arrival at the landing point is which direction to head first – do you head off to the time capsule and pyramids, straight ahead into the chaos towards the cake, or forge ahead to the peace and tranquility of the Lotus Stage? The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter a fig, because no matter that your plans have been made with military precision, very soon after you leave the safety of the landing area, something will catch your eye, and off you’ll go, throwing caution to the wind and the chances of regaining anything that resembles order and planning are, frankly, nil!

If you’re limited for time and there’s simply something that you must see – then, for goodness sake, make a beeline for it, and do not look at anything on the way. i firmly set my sights on getting a good look at the Egyptian plot at Shindig, and 3 hours later, that’s the one thing that i still hadn’t reached. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow!

Some of the the things i did see though, were absolutely stunning: The Lotus Stage, with the steam train in the background is ridiculously beautiful and i wasted so much time there simply gawping at the sight!; then there’s the über majestic Lake Stage – a futuristic, yet organic mesh construction that hangs in the air with a delicacy that something that massive  really shouldn’t be able to achieve; then, right in the centre, dominating the three regions that make up the celebration site, is the mindblowing SL9B cake – i won’t say any more about that right now because tomorrow i’ll be telling you all about it, along with an interview with its designer and creator, Mikati Slade.

Amazing though these corporate parts of the celebration are, it’s the community that has been instrumental in making SL9B happen, and it’s the community builds that blow your mind in their creativity, quality and breathtaking scope – everything from art to entertainment, serious issues to fun and play – it’s all represented, and all in a huge and vibrant display of colour, form and sheer imaginational prowess… and that’s just the ones i was able to cram in today.

Pointless telling me not to fiddle!

Let’s not forget too, the entertainment, talks and community events that will be happening throughout the week and there’s also the Gridwide events, activities and celebrations that will be taking place – you can pick up a HUD containing landmarks to all of these at the Welcome Area, when you arrive… how on earth you’re going to find time to fit it all in, i have no idea!

That, of course, brings me to my own contribution to SL9B – The ‘SL9B Story’. Tomorrow is the big day when the book will be opened and you’ll have your chance to offer up your own contribution to the celebration. i shall try extremely hard – rl commitments permitting – to have everything up and running for the grand opening of the celebrations, but failing that, it’ll be very shortly after… i’ll let you know as soon as you can start writing!

Crap Mariner’s build – 100 Word Stories

Head on over to the Official Blog for all the important information and breaking news – just remember, it all kicks off tomorrow at 11:00am SLT.

Let the festivities commence!

s. x

Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all
The Beatles – Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite 

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