Having your cake and… Nom, nom, nom!

Not entering into the spirit at all!

Wow! What an evening, (or morning, depending which side of the Big Pond, you hail from… everyone else, please slot into any spare gaps in the time continuum you fancy!). Just got back from the SL9B Sims, where it’s all been happening… Riverdancing Tinies – whatever next! (It brought a smile to my face, anyway!) 🙂

There’s still an enormous amount that i’ve yet to see at the site: i still haven’t made it to the Egyptian Sims, which i understand were suggested in honour of Circe Broom, who has recently launched herself into the world of blogging – and i suggest you should go pay her a visit at your earliest opportunity, and make sure that you read the comments! Neither have i managed to look at any of the water Sims, (how remiss of me) – something that i intend to do as soon as i have the opportunity.

One thing that i have managed to explore though is the SL9B Cake Stage – and what a fabulous creation it is. Dominating the centre of SL9B, it covers a full four Sims and sits there, scintillating like a great pink mountain of lusciousness, presiding over the celebrations taking place in and around it. i grant you that the style may not be to everyone’s taste, but you simply have to admire the sheer hard work and determination that has gone into creating this amazing work of SLart. The symmetry, the scope and the passion for fun and creativity – the very essence of sl – that simply exude from this fabulous centrepiece are a testament to its creator – Mikati Slade.

Mikati Slade – Cake Baker Extraordinaire!

Mikati, is as sweet and as fun as her sugary creation and i was fortunate enough to have a few moments with her, stood right in the centre of the awesome stage she had constructed in honour of SL’s 9th birthday.

[11:30] Mikati Slade: hello Serendipidy! i am the cake -SIM builder, welcome! 😀
[11:30] Serendipidy Haven: hi
[11:31] Serendipidy Haven: it’s absolutely awesome!
[11:31] Mikati Slade: yaaay thank you!!
[11:31] Mikati Slade: i am a pop-artist from japan
[11:31] Mikati Slade: nice to meet you!
[11:31] Serendipidy Haven: lovely to meet you
[11:31] Mikati Slade: 😀
[11:31] Serendipidy Haven: it must have taken you ages to build
[11:32] Mikati Slade: this cake building use 4 SIMs, so its really huge
[11:32] Serendipidy Haven: it’s very striking
[11:32] Mikati Slade: yes 😀
[11:33] Serendipidy Haven: what was your inspiration for the cake?
[11:33] Mikati Slade: the inspiration is japanese 8 bit , and pop-culture
[11:33] Mikati Slade: thsi is my style as an artist
[11:34] Mikati Slade: and, this time, the SLB theme is “community” , so i tried to make many faces on the cake
[11:34] Serendipidy Haven: ah, i see – that’s a really clever idea
[11:34] Mikati Slade: thank you!
[11:34] Serendipidy Haven: and i love the colours too
[11:35] Mikati Slade: oh i am glad 😀
[11:35] Mikati Slade: yes i am enjoying the color 😀
[11:35] Serendipidy Haven: it’s the sort of cake i’d like to see in the real world!
[11:36] Mikati Slade: oh wow hehe
[11:36] Mikati Slade: yes i want to see it in real world too hehe
[11:36] Serendipidy Haven: just the thought of all that sugar!
[11:36] Mikati Slade: oh wow yes!
[11:36] Serendipidy Haven: lol
[11:36] Mikati Slade: heheheh
[11:36] Serendipidy Haven: what will happen with the cake after SL9B?
[11:37] Mikati Slade: entire the SIMs will gone then, i think
[11:37] Mikati Slade: so the cake also dissapear
[11:37] Mikati Slade: (sorry my english)
[11:37] Serendipidy Haven: such a shame – something like this deserves to be seen by many for a long time to come
[11:38] Serendipidy Haven: i imagine you had great fund creating it though
[11:38] Mikati Slade: yes, so i hope many people enjoy the festival until it over
[11:38] Mikati Slade: 😀
[11:39] Serendipidy Haven: i hope so too
[11:39] Serendipidy Haven: maybe you’ll build a cake for the next one?

At this point, rather embarrassingly, but somewhat predictably, i crashed – (thanks sl!) – but Mikati kindly waited for me to return…

[11:41] Mikati Slade: welcome back!
[11:41] Serendipidy Haven: so sorry – and thank you
[11:42] Mikati Slade: on no problem! i am sure i will crash 100 times during the festival !
[11:42] Serendipidy Haven: heehee
[11:42] Mikati Slade: hehe
[11:42] Serendipidy Haven: well, i hope not quite that frequently
[11:42] Mikati Slade: me neither XD
[11:43] Serendipidy Haven: thank you so much for telling me about this wonderful cake
[11:43] Mikati Slade: thank you for coming and talking with me, if you interest, i have a SIM supported by LL, please see my profile then 😀
[11:43] Serendipidy Haven: oh yes… do you have a landmark?
[11:44] Mikati Slade: oh yes! i will give you it!
[11:44] Serendipidy Haven: thank you very much
[11:44] Mikati Slade: a folder i gave you
[11:44] Serendipidy Haven: thank you – i’ll be sure to call around and take a look
[11:44] Mikati Slade: thank you!
[11:45] Serendipidy Haven: welll – i’m afraid i have to go and check out the rest of the sims, but thank you for you time!
[11:45] Mikati Slade: ok, i hope you enjoy the festival! thank you for coming!
[11:45] Mikati Slade: see you!
[11:45] Serendipidy Haven: thank you – and have a wonderful week, with lots of visitors!
[11:45] Serendipidy Haven: 🙂
[11:45] Mikati Slade: yaaaay :DD
[11:46] Mikati Slade: byeeee
[11:46] Serendipidy Haven: bye for now

What a lovely person!

i fully intend to check out Mikati’s other installations and, rest assured, i’ll tell you all about them here! In the meantime, you really should make the effort to go along and see her incredible cake… you won’t get a second chance!

s. x

Cups and cakes, cups and cakes
I’m so full my tummy aches
How sad it must end
But I’m glad I’d a friend
Sharing cups and cakes with me
And cakes with me…
Spinal Tap – Cups And Cakes

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