Is this thing working?… Tap… tap… testing, one two…

Flipping typical! Me, and sl, that is – me, leaving things quite literally to the very last minute, and sl… well, being sl!

The Great Big Story Book is up and running – Yay!!! So, when you’ve finished making your way around the simply awesome SL9B Sims, come on over and let’s get this story rolling!

My last-minute thought was, “Hmmm… i really need to put some more information out about this whole thing” – i mean, people are asking questions on the sl Facebook page (whatever that is), and people keep prodding me for more info, so i thought i’d put together a notecard in a nice little balloon dispenser, with all the answers. Nothing like setting yourself a stretching target!

Two minutes to go and i’m all ready… rez the balloon and… ‘attempt to rez an object failed’, 26 million times! Ugh! So, my balloon isn’t there.

At least my technical problems aren’t as bad as those that Saffia and the team at the SL9B opening ceremony are experiencing – i’m rooting for you guys!

Anyway, here’s the content and the answers to all those vital questions you’ve been demanding the answers to…

Rules, small print & miscellanea…

Here’s the Big Four:

1          Be creative;
2          Follow on from where the last writer left off;
3          Write as much or as little as you wish;
4          Keep it ‘G’-Rated

And here’s the answers to some occasionally – but possibly more frequently in the future – asked questions:

Q – Erm… how do I write my contribution to the story?

A – Simply add your bit in the box provided that appears below the words, ‘Continue the story…’; when you’re done, please add your name (if you don’t do this, sometime the system won’t accept your submission), and post your contribution. If you have a WordPress login, you can submit by using this too.

Q – What do you mean ‘keep it ‘G’-Rated?

A – Simple – this is a project open to the whole community of Second Life. Therefore please keep what you write appropriate to the whole community… that is, no profanity and nothing overtly sexual, and please, nothing that otherwise breaks Linden Lab’s TOS for ‘G’-Rated parcels. The story is monitored and anything contravening this rule will be removed without notice!

Q – I can’t see the story… where is it?

A – Click on the link to comments and all will be revealed!

Q – I can’t see anything in the book! (OK – that’s a statement, not a question!)

A – (Well, another statement, really!). A couple possibilities here – first click on the right-hand page to grab focus, then click on the ‘home page’ icon that appears on the toolbar. If that doesn’t work, check your Viewer – the book uses Media on a Prim technology: if you’re not using a V2/3 Viewer, you won’t be able to see it. You can either update your Viewer, or got to the SL9B Story Website at (but where’s the fun in that?)

Q – Can I write in my own language?

A – Yes, Second Life has a worldwide community, so you can!… however, if you prefer to write in a language other than English, please provide a translation so that the next person who contributes is able to follow on seamlessly.

Q – Can I submit more than one contribution?

A – Yes!

Q – I’m limited by the times I can log in; are there other ways to follow the story’s progress?

A – Yes. You can follow the story on the web at There will also be a feed following the latest contributions at You can also subscribe to updates by e-mail when you submit your contribution.

Q – How long will the story be open for contributions?

A – The Great Big Story Book closes on 27th June 2012, when the SL9B celebration comes to an end.

Q – What happens if the story isn’t concluded when the exhibit closes?

A – Contributors will be invited to submit the final chapter, and a winning chapter will be selected from submissions… details will be posted on the sites at and after the celebration ends.

Q – What will happen to the finished story?

A – A copy of the final story will be posted at and and a copy will also be sent to any contributors who enter their e-mail address when submitting. A copy in notecard form will also be available inworld from Serendipidy Haven or on request by e-mailing serensblog(at) A copy of the story will also be offered to the Official SL9B Team.

Q – Can I take photo’s/machinima at the SL9B Story site?

A – Yes! Please ensure that you comply with Linden Lab’s TOS for machinima, particularly if your filming will include other avatars. If you intend filming or taking photographs of the surrounding Sim, please check with the landowners before doing so! Copies of any photos/machinima would be thoroughly appreciated… you can send them, or links to them to Serendipidy Haven inworld, or to serensblog(at)

Q – What will happen to the SL9B Story site after the celebration has ended?

A – The site will eventually be remodelled, although you’re always welcome to visit in the future!

Q – Can I buy an SL9B Story Bear?

A – Nope… you can have one for free! Click on the baby bear sat on the steps in front of the Great Big Story Book for your free limited edition SL9Bear. He won’t be available when the celebration’s over!

Q – I want to know more about the project!

A – Contact Serendipidy Haven inworld, preferably by notecard since IMs are frequently capped, or e-mail her at serensblog(at)

That’s it!

More on SL9B later!

s. x

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2 Responses to Is this thing working?… Tap… tap… testing, one two…

  1. Paypabak says:

    Great job! I finally got my widdle paragraph published! I have to say the page blanked out on my … asking for me to log in or something, so I ended up posting on the site itself. I tried three times to no avail, so it’s tricksy. But very cool to use a media url for this!

    • Thanks Pay… yes, it’s in the book!
      Cheers for the heads up about the logins – i think it’s because WordPress calls another page to login and since i’ve disabled surfing off the homepage in MOAP, (for obvious reasons!), it’s borked the login process. If anyone knows how to fix this, i’d be grateful for any assistance you can give, (you may even find yourself a recipient of a special SL9B Story ‘Thank you’ Bear!).
      In the meantime, WordPress users can comment inworld as ordinary users, without using their WordPress account or, as you did, go to the website to submit.
      Thanks again, Pay – you’re a part of sl history!
      /me goes off to learn advanced MOAP techniques!
      s. x

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