Fun, fun, fun!

If only!

You may have spotted that i mentioned a slight hard disk problem yesterday, after my power went off momentarily. Initially, more of an annoyance than a major disaster, since i back up my most important things weekly. The maddening thing about it was that i thought i’d lost all the images i’d collected over the week from SL9B… not exactly the sort of things that i’ll be able to capture again.

Here’s the good news – 6 hours later and 3.00am in the morning, i’d managed to recover the bulk of my SL9B stuff, although i’ve about 20 images corrupted beyond repair. Here’s the bad news – shortly after that, the entire disk failed and has, so far, stubbornly refused to play ball – there’s definitely data on it, about 650GB – i just can’t get to it and, i’ve no idea what state it’s in if i do manage to access it.

Worst case scenario is that i reformat and restore from my backup but that still leaves a vast amount of data that was waiting to be catalogued and sorted, that never got to be backed up in the first place which i may well have lost permanently. Dammit!

Working on the basis that ‘prevention is better than cure’, and knowing that my home seems to have been blessed with more power outages than is strictly necessary over the past 2 years, i’ve now invested in a UPS – perhaps that will save my bacon next time. (Failing that, it’ll probably catch fire, or something!). It’s an expense and hassle i could have done without, but it’s infinitely preferable to frying hard drives every time there’s a power glitch.

There was a time when this sort of thing would have me screaming blue murder, (why blue? Why not purple or blood red?), or rocking gently in a gibbering heap on the floor, but those days are in the past. Nowadays, i just sigh resignedly, shrug it off and get on with the business of living. i’ve learned the hard way that screaming and shouting, gibbering and wailing don’t fix hard disks, or anything else for that matter, and that a philosophical attitude brings less headache, heartache and will, for all i know, make me live longer and happier. One can hope.

Much the same can be said about sl – of course, i whinge and whine and mutter dark imprecations about all the things that are ‘wrong’ about sl: i happily wade in with my own vitriolic attacks on Linden Lab when i think it’s merited, but at the end of the day, this is all meant to be fun, isn’t it? So, stuff the hard drive… where’s all that fun?

You’ll find a goodly helping of fun at SL9B – the celebration may be all but over, but there’s still time to check out some of the great fun things that really do sum up what it means to be part of this crazy, zany, madhouse of a place that we call Second Life. Things to cheer, things to make you laugh and things to make your eyes go all googly and wibbly wobbly in a ticklish sort of way. (OK, maybe i lied about that last bit, but then again, i’ve no idea what sorts read this junk… for all i know, you’ve all got extendible eyeballs – nothing surprises me these days!).

So, what’s your particular brand of nonsensical hilarity? Giant, rainbow-coloured racing snails? Yep, we have those… incidentally, that reminds me of the best joke i’ve heard for some time inworld this week: “I took the shell off my snail to try to make him go faster, but he’s still very sluggish!” – thanks Mr McLeod for that particular humorous gem! Erm, i would have shown you a picture of the snails, but that’s one of the ones that got trashed, so here’s a picture of duelling robots instead – they’re always fun!

Too grown up for childhood toys? OK, there’s always Tateru’s mock-the-Lindens Monopoly, or perhaps you’d prefer a jigsaw puzzle? (Now that’s what i call getting completely immersed in what you’re doing!).


If that’s too sedate for you, perhaps The Mad Hatter’s tea party is more to your taste?

Speaking of mad as hatters… it’s been a whole 500 words since i poked fun at the Lindens; that will never do! Actually, i shouldn’t poke fun, as Loki Eliot points out with his extremely fun and enjoyable ‘My School Project’ exhibit, the Lindens have actually done a lot for us, (that bit from ‘Life of Brian‘ springs to mind). It seems that his take on Lab HQ attracted more Lindens than generally turn up for work at the real thing!

Loki’s School Project

Finally, a rare glimpse into how this blog is actually written: you know that old cliche about an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters coming up with the complete works of Shakespeare… well, here’s one monkey, randomly jumping up and down on the keys of one typewriter and coming up with this blog! Actually, it’s Crap Mariner’s* super spoken and written word build. (*aka: the Angel of Death, aka: SL9B Troll, aka… you get the general idea).

Good, clean, family fun all round… but it’s not going to be here much longer, so if life is getting you down, your cat’s run off with the milkman and your wife’s done a whoopsie in the corner… why not forget about all the trials and tribulations and get yourself along to SL9B for some good old fashioned fun, while you still can!

Always look on the bright side, eh?

s. x

That’s the best that you can do;
to dance on your problems
The Riots – Dance On Your Problems

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