The clock is ticking…

The pages are turning, and time is running out!

The SL9B Great Big Story Book closes its pages at 12:00 SLT today, (that’s 8:00pm GMT) – if you haven’t yet written your chapter, or still have more to add, this is (almost) your very last chance!

Go along to the SL9B Story site at Penny Lane and do your thing, or if you can’t make it inworld, you can still add your offering at the website – but better hurry… you snooze, you lose!

What happens next?

If some clever soul doesn’t manage to end the story with a rip-roaring, flourish of a badass ending, i’ll be inviting submissions for a final chapter (500-1000 words), and whichever one i think is the best and most apt will have the honour of concluding the story. The finished article will be on display at Nowhere Land for a short while, and will be published on the SL9B Story website permanently. i’ll also e-mail copies to anyone who contributed and subscribed, and who left their e-mail address and pop it on a notecard for anyone who wants a copy inworld… but first, we still have time to spare.

If this was a movie, it would be time for the noble, stirring speech, to rally support and assure victory against overwhelming odds. A time for cheering and tears and rousing clashing of weapons… since it’s not a movie, i’ll just say: GET WRITING! Before it’s too late!

s. x

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