The Pathway of Stars

Ten days, many authors, one story!

The SL9B Story is written – a whole bunch of authors coming together to show, once again, what the creative community of sl can achieve through collaborative working. You can read ‘The Pathway of Stars’ here, and you’ll also be able to read it inworld in the Great Big Story Book, for the next few days. If you’d like your own copy, you can download it here > the-pathway-of-stars.pdf

Great big thanks to Laura, jellie, Paypabak, Sebastian, Yman, Inara, Sindy, Shauna and Higher for working together and using your creative energy to make the Story happen… you are all stars!

There’s a couple of loose ends to tie up too, in order to bring this episode to a close:

First, i have a contribution that was sent to me inworld by someone who wasn’t able to access the story. Undaunted, they still wanted to submit a piece and, since the whole point of the exercise was to celebrate the sl community, i think it deserves to be seen. i know that the contributor is a little shy about being featured in blogs, so i’ll just call him ‘Wordsworth’… although you’ll see from the theme of his poem, that he’s more than a little inspired by mod music, which may give those who know him, some clues!

I wandered lonely as an avatar
that flies on high o’er sea and sim
when all at once I saw a crowd
a host of dancers tunes rang out
besides the DJ beneath the chaos lights
flirting and dancing in the sleaze.

Continuous as the DJs that shine
and gig all night their tunes to play
they stretched in never ending line
along the margins of every sim
40 maybe more I saw at a glance
tossing their heads as lag advanced

The mods besides them danced; but they
outdid the disco’s in glee
a mod could not be gay
in such motown company
I gazed and gazed but little thought
what wealth the mods to SL brought

For oft when in my club I stand
in vacant or in pensive mood
they flash upon my inward eye
those mods and fun awesome tunes
and when my heart with pleasure fills
and dances with the friends around
I say yes the tier money I will find

And finally, to bring things to a neat conclusion, one final piece of my own work that i wrote for Crap Mariner, for his Spoken and Written Word build.

Since it was a one-off and written specifically for SL9B, if you didn’t get to see it at the celebration, it’s unlikely you’ll get another chance. So, for perhaps the last time, i give you…

Coming of Age

Nine long years they’d waited, and every day had been a struggle – failures, outages, bugs and glitches, every step of the way.

Now, Version Omega was ready for launch!

To a hushed crowd, the Chief Programmer stepped on to the podium, said a few words, then pressed the Big Red Button.

Joyous pandemonium reigned as the invited audience plunged into the new world now open before them; to be replaced moments later by expressions of dismay:

“It’s laggy, buggy, awful… nothing’s changed!”

“Of course not”, said the Chief, “it’s taken us a whole nine years to perfect those special features!”

That is all.

s. x

But this is how the story ends
Or have we just begun
The Fray – Where The Story Ends 

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